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bio 223 body system

chapter 1

Define anatomy? Is the study of the body structure and their relationship.
Define psychology? The study of how and why the body works and how it carries out function.
What are the six levels of structural organization in the human body? Atom, molecule, tissue, organ, organ system, and organism.
What are the two processes that are shared by all living things? Replicating DNA, and metabolism
What body system is associated with DNA replication? Reproductive during meiosis and all systems during mitosis.
What body system are associated with metabolism? All of them
What molecules make metabolism work? ATP
What molecule make the reproductive system work? Sperm and egg
What are things that an organism must do to maintain life? 1. Respond to external and internal environment 2. Movement 3. Boundaries 4. Digestion 5. Excretion 6. Growth 7. Development
What organ system provides boundaries? Integumentary
What organ system provides movement? Skeleton and muscular
What body system provides excretion? Integumentary, urinary, respiratory, digestive
Which body system I helps with growth? Nervous and endocrine
What body system help with development? Reproductive
What's the importance of Homeostasis? It regulates the internal environment of the body.
What are four processes that keep the body balance? And what system are responsible? 1. Body temperature - nervous 2. Blood pressure - urinary and cardiovascular 3. O2 levels - respiratory 4. Glucose levels - endocrine
What happens when the balance is upset ( what is the relationship between homeostasis and disease)? When the balance is upset diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes develop.
Defined negative feedbacks? The accumulation of the end product of a process inhibits the process. It reverses the action to bring back into homeostasis.
Define positive feedback? An accumulation of end product that speeds it own production. It has a cascading effect
What is an example of a negative feedback? Hormones
What is an example of a positive feedback? Child birth
What are the 11 body systems? 1. Skeleton 2. Muscular 3. Nervous 4. Digestive 5. Integumentary 6. Endocrine 7. Cardiovascular 8. Lymphatic 9. Respiratory 10. Urinary 11. Reproductive
What are three body organ of the skeleton system? 1. Cartilage 2. Bones 3. Joints
What are three body organs of the integumentary system.? 2. Skin 3. Nails
What is the function of the skeleton system? Supports and shape the tissue
What is the function of the integumentary system? Protection
What are three disorders with the skeleton system? 1. Broken bone 2. Bone cancer 3. Scoliosis
What are three disorders with the integumentary system? 1. Acne 2. Hives 3. Cancer
What is the function of the muscular system? Movement
What are three disorders with the muscular system? 1. Pulled muscle 2. Tendinitis 3. Muscular dystrophy
What are body part that make up the muscular system? 1. Muscles 2. Tendon
What are 3 organ that make up the nervous system? 1. Nerves 2. Brain 3. Spinal cord
What are three disorders that effect the nervous system? 1. Stroke 2. Epilepsy 3. Mental disorders
What are 3 organs that make up the endocrine system? 1. Thyroid gland 2. Pancreas 3. Testicles
What is the function of the nervous system? To send electronic message throughout the body. In response to the internal and external environment stimulus.
What is the function of the endocrine system? To make hormones to regulate the body.
What is the function of the cardiovascular system? To move blood throughout the body.
What are 3 organs in the cardiovascular system? 1. Heart 2. Veins 3. Arteries
What are 3 disorders that affect the endocrine system? 1. Diabetes 2. Thyroid cancer 3. Gravies disease
What are 3 disorders that affect the cardiovascular system? 1. Cardiovascular disease 2. Heart failure 3. High blood pressure
What is the lymphatic system function? To provide immunity
What are 3 organ of the lymphatic system? 1. Red bone marrow 2. Spleen 3. Tonsils
What are 3 disorders that affect the lymphatic system? 1. HIV 2. Rupture spleen 3. An infection
What are three disorders that affect the respiratory system? 1. COPD 2. Asthma 3. Lung cancer
What are three organs of the respiratory system? 1. Nose 2. Trachea 3. Bronchi
What is the function of the respiratory system? Exchange o2 and co2
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