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USIDMS Venous Insufficiency

What two axis are presented in a histogram? Distance and time
The most common location for venous insufficiency is in which zone? Gaitor
What is a landmark in the groin for the great saphenous vein? Inferior epigastric vein
If the femoral vein has a thrombus, the great saphenous vein is able to be ablated. T or F. FALSE
To evaluate valve competency, color Doppler evaluates a quantitative measure. False. Qualitative measure
Proximal compression creates the same effect as the valsalva maneuver. T or F. True
In what direction do perforator veins flow? Superficial to deep
Ultrasound is the golden standard to evaluate deep vein thrombus. T or F. False. Contrast Venography
What are the three characteristics for a thrombus to form? Venous stasis, vascular wall injury, hypercoagulable state
Venous ulcers are usually circular and occur at bony prominence. T or F. False- arterial ulcers - occur in gator zone
Local tenderness, limb warmth, persistent limb swelling in calf or thigh are consistent characteristics of acute DVT or venous insufficiency? Acute DVT
Stasis dermis occurs with acute DVT or venous insufficiency? Venous insufficiency
Varicose veins are symptoms that occur with acute DVT. T or F. False- Venous insufficiency
Many valves of lower venous are more highly distributed in which area? Calf- gaitor zone
Created by: anhake
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