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Chapter 5 - Oral

Chapter 5 - Digestive system Oral Cavity

Cheeks Form the walls of the oval shaped oral cavity
Lips Surround the oral opening of the oral cavity
Hard Palate Forms the anterior portion of the roof of the mouth
Soft Palate Lies posterior to the hard palate, muscular.
Rugae Irregular ridges in the mucous membrane covering the anterior portion of the hard palate.
Uvula Small soft tissue projection hangs from the soft plate ( helps with sound and speech)
Tongue Extends across the floor of the oral cavity and muscle attach it to the lower jaw bone
Mastication Chewing
Deglutition Swallowing
Papillae Small raised areas on the tongue, contain taste buds that are sensitive to the chemical nature of foods.
Tonsils Masses of lymphatic tissue located in the depression of the mucous membrane lie on both side of the oropharynx
Gums Flesh surrounding the sockets of the teeth
What does a tooth contain? Crown, root enamel, dentin, cementum, periodontal membrane and pulp.