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Scientific Method/ Living Things

what is the first step of the scientific method? ask a question/ observe
what is a hypothesis? a possible explanation to the question or problem
what are the factors that can be changed in an experiment? variables
what does the experimental group show? the effect of the variable that is tested
what is the independent variable? the variable that is deliberately changed
what is the dependent variable? the variable is the one observed during the experiment
what is a theory? a broad and comprehensive statement of what is thought to be true
what is the difference between a theory and a hypothesis? a theory is what is thought to be true based on results and information and a hypothesis is an educated guess that is testable
the statement "the worm is 2cm long" is a ? observation
to be useful in science a hypothesis must be? testable
what are the goals of science? to investigate and understand the natural world
how does an observation differ from an inference? an observation is based on using your 5 senses and an inference is based on prior knowledge
why does it make sense for scientists to only change one variable at a time? to see which variable is responsible for those results
what steps are used when drawing a conclusion? using data to revise their hypothesis
what is a scientific theory? a well- tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations
why arent theories considered absolute truths? science is always changing and new evidence can always prove it to be wrong
whats the process when 2 cells reproduce? sexual reproduction
whats the process when 1 cell reproduces? asexual reproduction
what is a unicellular organism? living things with only one cell
what is a multicellular organism? living things with more than one cell
define metabolism chemical reactions which build up or break down materials
what is unicellular growth? a change in size
what is multicellular growth? development when a single fertilized egg divides again and again
define differentiation cells dividing and changing in shape and structure and performing different functions
define stimulus a signal to which an organism responds
define homeostasis keeping internal environment stable
define excretion removal of wastes or toxins
define growth increase in size and mass by increase in cell # or size
define movement an action by an organism causing a change in position or place
define nutrition taking in of nutrients and using them for growth and repair
define reproduction processes that make more of the same organism
define respiration chemical reactions that break down glucose and other nutrient molecules in living cells to release energy that they can use
define sensitivity ability to detect or sense changes in the environment and to make responses
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