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Arterial periphery

What arises off the ascending aorta ? Right and Left Coronary Arteries
What are the branches of the Aortic Arch? Right Immoniate, Left Common Carotid and Left Subclavian Artery
What is the Right Immoniate Artery also known as? Right Brachiocephalic Artery
What is the most common variant of 22 % of the Aortic Arch? Common origin of Right Immoniate artery and Left Common Carotid Artery
What is the 2nd branch off of the Aortic Arch? Left Common Carotid Arterynu
What is the 3rd branch of the Aortic Arch? Left Subclavian Artery
Where does the Sublavian Artery terminate at? Thoracic Outlet
What's is the route of the Subclavian Artery? Runs laterally downward to the outer border of the 1st rib arching above the clavicle and in front of the apex of the lung
Where does the Subclavian Artery become the Axillary Artery? At the lateral margin of the the 1st rib as it travels along the shoulder of the upper arm
What are the 4 major branches of the Subclavian Artery? Vertebral. Thyrocervical. Internal thoracic. Costocervical Arteries
What is another name for the Internal Thoracic Artery? Internal Mammary Artery
How many branches does the Axillary have? Seven
What are the 7 branches of the Axillary Artery? Superior. Thoracic. Thoracoacromial. Lateral Thoracic. Subscapular. Thoracodorsal. Anterior and Posterior Humeral. arteries
When does the Axillary Artery become the Brachial Artery? After the seven branches of the Axillary
Where does the Brachial Artery terminate? 1 cm below the bend of the elbow (ACF)
What artery divides into the Radial and Ulnar Arteries? Brachial Artery
What is the route of the Radial Artery? Runs down the lateral side of the forearm into the hand
Where does the Radial Artery terminate at? In the Deep Palmar Arch
What is the branch given off by the Radial Artery? Superficial Palmar Arch
What creates the Deep Palmar Arch? Distal portion of Radial Artery and the joining of the Deep branch of the Ulnar Artery
What is the route of the Ulnar artery? Run downward in the medial aspect of the forearm into the hand
What does the Immoniate Artery divide into? Right Subclavian Artery and Right Common Carotid Artery
Which artery is the predominant source of blood to the hand? Ulnar Artery
What forms the Superficial Palmar Arch? Branch off the Radial Artery and the distal portion of the Ulnar Artery
Where does the Ulnar Artery terminate? Superficial Palmar Arch
What arteries arise from the Palmar Arches? Digital Arteries
What do the Digital Arteries supply? Fingers
What percentage does the Radial Artery (1) and the Ulnar Artery (2) originate from the Axillary Artery? 1. 1-3% 2. 2-3%
What is the 2nd most common variant of the arterial system in the upper extremity? 19%- Early division of the Brachial Artery
What does the Common Femoral Artery divide into? Superficial Femoral Artery and Deep Femoral Artery
Where does the Popliteal Artery branch off at? Internal between Tibia and Fibula at the lower portion of the Popiteus Muscle
What is the most common variant of the arterial system of the lower extremity? 4-12% Hypoplasia/Alaska of Anterior Tibial Artery with absence of For Pedis Pulse
What does the Popliteal Artery and Gastrocnemius Artery supply? Muscle, Knee Joint and Skin
What is the 2nd most common variant of the arterial system of the lower extremity? 8% Anomalous location of the Dorsalis Pedis Artery
What does the External Iliac Artery turn into once it passes underneath the Inguinal Ligament? Common Femoral Artery
What branches from the Anterior Tibial Artery? Dorsalis Pedis Artery
What is the course of the Anterior Tibial Artery? Passes superficial to inteosseous membrane and Deep in front of the leg along the Anterior surface of inteosseous membrane
What branch is the 1st branch off the Popiteal Artery? Anterior Tibial Artery
What are the branches of the Popiteal Artery and what are they known as? 1. Anterior Tibial Artery 2. Tibioperoneal Trunk Trifurcation
What is the course of the External Iliac Artery? Travels in a lateral and inferior direction along the medial aspect of the poas major muscle
What are the 2 branches of the Posterior Tibial Artery and what do they supply? Lateral and Medial Plantar arteries Supplies sole of foot when bifurcated at below the medial malleolous
What branches form the plantar arch and where doe this occur? Deep Plantar Artery and Lateral Plantar Artery Uniting in the deep sole of the foot.
At the dorsum of the foot, what does the Dorsalis Pedis Artery branch into? 1. 1st Dorsal Metatarsal Artery 2. Deep Plantar Artery
What does the Dorsal Metatarsal Arteries supply blood to? Digits of the foot
What creates the Hunters Canal? Confluence of the quadriceps and addicted muscles in distal thigh
What is the Hunters Canal for? Channel for the Femoral vessels
What is the course of the Posterior Tibial Artery? Extends obliquely down the Posterior aspect of the calf to the medial side of the leg into the foot
What arteries are formed from the Tibioperoneal trunk? 1. Posterior Tibal Artery 2. Peroneal Artery
What % of the time does the Popliteal Artery have a high bifurcation? 4%
Cab the Peroneal Artery arise from the Anterior Tibial Artery? 2% have a high bifurcation of the Popiteal Artery
What is the course of the Superficial Femoral Artery? Runs the length of the thigh entering the Popiteal fossa behind the knee
What is the well-known landmark for the termination of the Femoral Artery (superficial) Hunters Canal (adductor canal)
What is the adductor hiatus and what is it commonly referred to? Gap in the adductor Magnus muscle Aka Hunters Canal
What is the Deep Femoral Artery also know as? Profunda Femoris
What arteries arise off the Popiteal Artery when it first travels from the Hunters Canal? Gastrocnemius Artery and the Genicular Branches
What is the course of the Peroneal Artery? Passes toward the fibula and travels down medial side of the bone.
What branches does the Digital Artery brand into? Lateral Digital Artery Medial Digital Artery
What does the Peroneal Artery supply? Structures in the lateral side of the leg and in the calcaneal region of the foot.
What does the Common Iliac Artery divide into? Right and Left Internal Iliac (hypogastric) Right and Left External Iliac Artery
What location does the Common Iliac bifurcates? At lumbarsacral junction About 5 cm from bifurcation inferior from it's origin
What 2 vessels does the Internal Iliac Vessel divide into? Anterior and Posterior Iliac Artery
Where does the Internal Iliac divide? 3-4 cm in length at upper margin of greater sciatic foramen
What vessel is a continuation of the Common Iliac Artery? External Iliac Artery
What is the course of the Deep Femoral Artery (profunda)? Arises 5 cm from the inguinal ligament off the Femoral Artery on the lateral side.
What do the Common Iliac Artery supply? Pelvis Abdominal wall Lower limbs
What does the Internal Iliac Artery supply blood to? Pelvis wall Pelvic viscera Thigh Gluteal muscle Perineum
What is the order form prox to distal of the aorta? Ascending aorta Aortic arch Descending aorta Abdominal aorta
Where does the ascending aorta arise from? Left ventricle of the heart
What are the 3 branches if the celiac artery? Left gastric artery Splenic artery Common hepatic artery
Where is the superior mesenteric artery located and what does the celiac artery share? 1 cm distal to celiac artery A common trunk
What is common variant of the renal arteries? Can be multiple
What are the terminal branches of the abdominal aorta? Right and Left Common Iliac artery
What does the Inferior Mesenteric Artery supply? Left half transverse colon Descending colon Iliac Sigmoid colon Part of rectum
What artery and where on the artery dies the Inferior Epigastric Artery arise from? External Iliac Artery Just above the inguinal ligament
What are the terminal branches of the abdominal aorta? Right and Left Common Iliac Artery
What are the 3 major parietal branches of the abdominal aorta? Inferior Phrenic artery Lumbar arteries Middle sacral artery
What are the 5 anterior branches of the abdominal aorta? Celiac Artery Superior Mesenteric Artery Gonads Artery Inferior Mesenteric Artery Medial Sacral Artery
What is the pathway of the descending thoracic aorta? Extends downward from aortic arch to just above diaphragm
Where is right renal artery located? Posterior to right renal vein and ivc in the mid/distal segments
Where does the IMA arise from? Distal aorta 3-4 cm above Aorta bifurcation
What is the landmark for the left renal artery? Left renal vein, which lies anterior to the renal artery
What does the Superior Mesenteric Artery supply blood to? Small intestine Cexum Ascending colon Part of transverse colon
What does the celiac artery feed? Stomach Liver Pancreas Duodenum Spleen
What is the aortic arch formed by? Ascending Aorta
Why are capillaries considered the most vital part of circulation system? Through the walls of the capillaries that nutrients/waste products are exchanged between tissue and blood to maintain consistency
What do the Vasa Vasorum do? Carry blood to and from the walls of larger arteries
What layer contains the Vasa Vasorum? External Layer (adventia)
What do capillaries consist of, measure in length and diameter? 1. Endothelial cells 2. Not much more than a millimeter long 3. 8-10 micron in diameter
What do arterioles do? Transport gases and nutrient and other essential substances to capillaries
What are arterioles? Resistive vessels that help regulate blood flow by contracting and relaxing
What are the 3 layers of the Arterial wall? 1. Inner - tunica intima 2. Middle - tunica media 3. Outer - tunica externa
What is the most outer layer wall of an artery and what does it consist of? Tunica (adventia) externa Thinner than media Contains white fibrous connective tissue and at times smooth muscle fibers in longitudinal pattern
What is the inner most layer of the arterial wall and what does it consist of? Tunica intima Thin Consist of surface layer of smooth endothelium over a base membrane and connective tissue
What is the middle layer of the arterial wall and what is it consist of? Intermediate layer Tunica media Thicker and composed of smooth muscle/connective tissue of elastic type in circular pattern
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