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Lab Equipment

Megacycler Used to amplify segments of DNA and commonly used for restriction enzyme digests via polymerase chain reaction
Dry Block Heater Used precise heating of microtubes and works at temps up to 100°C
Analytical Balance Used to masses in the sub milligram range and so dust and currents do not affect the balance
Platform Shaker Produces precise levels of agitation that membranes and gels require and normally used for DNA gels
Water Bath Allows a chemical reaction to occur at an elevated temperature and works at temps up to 100°C
Electronic Balance This balance is used to make larger measurements in lab. Typically, those measurements are in the whole gram range
Microscope Used to observe samples by magnification. Water samples include pond water, stagnant rain water, and the control (deionized water)
Pipette Transports a measured volume of liquid and comes in several designs for various purposes with differing levels of accuracy and precision
Plate Reader Designed to detect biological, chemical, or physical events of samples in microplates and widely used to research, drug discovery, and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry
pH meter Used to measure the concentration of Hydrogen ions in a solution
Fume hood Designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapors, or dusts and used to protect the user, product, and environment
Emergency Shower Used to cleanse body of hazardous chemicals. Located no more than 10 seconds from potential users.
Fire Blanket Used to extinguish small fires. Often made of wool (sometimes treater with flame retardant fluid). Vertically mounted on wall
Autoclave Uses steam to sterilize equipment and supplies. Also used to sterilize glass, plastic, etc.
Electrophoresis Machine Electrophoresis equipment is used to seperate macromolecules on the basis of size, electric charge, or other physical properties
Incubator A device used to grow and maintain cell cultures and used to keep cell cultures warm and heated for a long period of time
Deionized Water Water that has had constant temperature and widely used in most culturing applications
Orbital shaker Used to stir liquids at a constant temperature and widely used in most culturing applications
Vortex mixer Used to mix small vials of liquid and is commonly used with conical tubes and test tubes
Gel Doc Imager Used to characterize proteins, DNA, and even small molecules. DNA gel images can be used for sequences and other analysis
Centrifuge Equipment driven by an electric motor that puts an object in rotation and used to seperate materials by density
Spectrophotometer Able to determine what substances are present in a solution and measures quantity of substances through calculations of wavelength
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