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Unit 6

Listeria and Erysipelothrix

What does Listeria monocytogenes look like on gram stain? and on BAP? Diphthroid-like GPR on gram stain Beta hemolytic on BAP resembling group B strep
What are some tests to differentiate L. monocytogenes from GBS? L. monocytogenes is catalase(+) BE(+) Na Hippurate (+) GBS is Catalase(-) and GPC on gram stain
What are some unique characteristics of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae? GPR and H2S producer, also has a unique test tube brush growth in gelatin-like media
Why is Listeria monocytogenes most responsible for spontaneous abortions and still births in the third trimester? Women can harbor the organism in their normal flora after eating unpasteurized milk , homemade cheeses, and deli meats. During the third trimester the cervix can dilate and the organism can cross the placenta reeking havoc.
What disease does Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae cause? and how is it transmitted? It causes Erysipeloid, a localized, painful skin infection that can cause diffuse skin infections with systemic symptoms. One can acquire this disease by an abrasion or puncture wound on the skin with animal exposure. Usually an occupational hazard.
Created by: Cgover7