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Ch.19 Reproduction

Ch.19 Reproductive System

The primary sex organs (gonads) of the male reproductive system are the __________________. Testes
Male sex cells are produced by the _________________________of the seminiferous tubules. Spermatogenic cells
The enzyme-containing structure that helps the sperm cell penetrate the ovum is the ______________. Acrosome
Sex cells are produced in a process called ______________. Meiosis
How many chromosomes does each spermatogonium contain? 46
The nucleus in the head of the sperm contains ________ chromosomes. 23
The function of the epididymis is to ________________. store sperm as they matures
What substance is added to the sperm cells by the seminal vesicle? fructose
The function of the secretion of the bulbourethral glands is to _______________. lubricate the penis
Testis is not a male internal accessory organ. T/F? True
The external organs of the male reproductive system include the ________________. penis, scrotum
Erection of the penis depends upon _________________. filling of the corpus spongiosum with arterial blood
The pituitary hormone that stimulates the testes to produce testosterone is ___________. LH (ICSH)
In the male, growth of body hair, especially in the axilla, face, and pubis, and increased muscle and bone development are examples of ______________ characteristics. secondary sexual
The hormone that stimulates secondary sexual characteristics is _____________________. testosterone
The primary sex organs (gonads) of the female reproductive system are the ____________. ovaries
The egg is released from the ovary in a process called ______________. ovulation
The end of the uterine tube near the ovary has many fingerlike projections called fimbriae. T/F? True
There are cilia in the lining of the uterine tube that help move the egg toward the uterus. T/F? True
The inner layer of the uterus is the ____________________. endometrium
The organ of the female reproductive system that corresponds to the penis is the ______________. clitoris
The hormonal mechanisms that control female reproductive functions are more complex than those in the male. T/F? True
Primary female hormones are _____________ and ______________. estrogen and progesterone
During the menstrual cycle, the event that seems to initiate ovulation is _______________. a sudden increase in concentration of LH
After release of the egg, the follicle forms a(n) ___________. corpus luteum
As the follicle develops the level of ____________ hormone increases. progesterone
As the hormone levels change in that part of the cycle before and immediately after ovulation, what change is seen in the uterus? thickening of the endometrium
The cessation of the menstrual cycle in middle age is called _________________. menopause
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