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USIDMS Lower Extremity Venous

When does all venous flow stop? deep inspiration & valsalva
Continuous venous wave correlates with ___? proximal obstruction
Flow above the baseline during a reflux study correlates with ____? venous insufficiency
What is the Latin term for "runs with arteries"? venae comitantes
Spider veins are also known as ____? lateral subdermic system
Perforators in the calf are known as ____? Cockett's perforators
Venous insufficiency increases or decreases distal venous pressure? increases
Name risk factors for DVT post-op sx, hx of DVT, cancer, obesity, trauma, oral contraceptives, immobility, HTN, pregnancy, CHF, sickle cell anemia
What is Virchow's triad composed of? circulatory stasis, vein wall trauma, hypercoagulable state
What is the appearance of acute DVT? spongy, not completely compressible, light echogenecity or hypoechoic, dilated vessels, will have abnormal Doppler or abnormal color fill
What is the ultrasound appearance name for sluggish flow? Rouleau Formation, appears as "roll of coins", suggests a proximal obstruction
What does Phlegmasia Alba Dolens look like? white, massive edema, pale limb, (ileo-femoral thrombosis)
What does Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens look like? cyanotic, massive thigh & calf edema,, (venous outflow obstructed completely)
What is the appearance of chronic DVT? highly echogenic, well-attached, rigid texture, visible collaterals, contracted vessel or re-canalization,
Kleppel-Trenaunay syndrome deal with ____? Hypoplastic or absent deep veins
Sturge-Weber syndrome deals with ____? hypoplastic / absent deep veins, with AVM in cerebral vessels
Kasabach-Merritt syndrome deals with ____? hypoplastic / absent deep veins, AVM in cerebral vessels, and capillary hemangiomas
May-Thurners syndrome deals with ____? Iliac Vein compression, LEFT = most common
If there is no signal change with distal augment then ____? distal DVT
Primary source of thrombi in LE? soleal sinuses
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