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Word Origins

Ad To, toward
Aero Air
An Without
Ana Up
Anti Against
Aqu/a Of water
Archae Ancient
Arthro, artio Jointed
Autos Self
Bi Two
Bio Life
Carn Flesh
Ceph Head
Chloros Light green
Chroma Pigmented
Cide To kill
Circ Circular
Cocc/coccus Small and round
Con Together
Cyte Cell
De Remove
Dent Tooth
Derm Skin
Di Two
Dia Apart
Dorm Sleep
Ec Outer
Ella Small
Endo Within
Epi Upon
Eu True
Exo Outside
Gastro Stomach
Genesis To originate
Gen/(e)(o) Kind
Gyn/e Female
Hapl (o) Single
Hemi Half
Hem(o) Blood
Herb/a(i) Vegetation
Heter/o Different
Hom(e)/o Same
Hom Human
Hydr/o Water
Inter Between
Intra Within
Is/o Equal
Jug To join
Kary Nucleus
Logy Study of
Lysis Break up
Macr/o Large
Meta After
Micr/o Small
Mon/o Only one
Morph/o Form
Neuro Nerve
Nod Knot
Nomy(e) System of laws
Omn All
Orni(s) Bird
Oste/o Bone formation
Ov An egg
Pal(a)e/o Ancient
Para Beside
Ped Foot
Per Through
Peri Around, about
Phag/o Eating
Phot/o Light
Phyl Race, class
Phyll Leaf
Phyte Plant
Pinna Feather
Plasm/o To form
Poly Many
Post After
Pro Before
Pseud/o False
Re Back to original
Scope To look
Some Body
Sperm Seed
Stasis Remain constant
Stom Mouthlike opening
Tel/o End
Terr Of Earth
Therm Heat
Thylak Sack
Trans Across
Trop/o A change
Trophic Nourishment
Uni One
Vore Eat greedily
Zo/o Living being
Zygous Two joined
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