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Somatic & Senses

Somatic & Special Senses Ch. 10

List the 5 kinds of receptors & what stimulates them. Chemoreceptors-change in concentration of chemicals pain-tissue damage, thermoreceptors-change in temperature mechanoreceptors-change in pressure or movement photoreceptors-light energy
Perception of sensory impulses results from what? The region of the brain that receives impulses.
The ability to ignore unimportant stimuli is sensory adaptation
locations for receptors associated with SOMATIC senses skin, muscles,joints, viscera
Messner's corpuscles and pacinian corpuscles are sensitive to ? touch/pressure
Sensory receptors for all of the following adapt to repeated stimulation by sending fewer & fewer impulses, except ? pain
Sharp pain that disappears when the pain stimulus is stopped is _______________________ pain. acute
list the special senses smell, taste, hearing, equilibrium (static, dynamic) and sight
Taste & smell receptors are examples of ? Chemoreceptors
Olfactory receptors are located in the ? Superior Nasal Conchae
The sensitive part of a taste bud is ? Taste Hair
Four primary taste sensations are ? sweet, salty, sour, bitter
Functions of the small bones of the middle ear are ? transmit vibrations from external ear to inner ear and to increase force of vibrations transmitted to inner ear.
A means of providing equal pressure on both sides of the eardrum is furnished by the _______________ _______________ eustachian tube (auditory tube)
Hearing receptors are located in the _________________ . Organ of Corti
Hair cells of the vestibule are stimulated by ? bending of the head forward or backward
Organs of DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM are the ? semicircular canals
In the posterior (back) wall of the eyeball, the scelera is pierced by the ? Optic Nerve
Shape of the lens changes as the eye focuses on a close object in a process known as ? ACCOMODATION
Part of the eye controlling the amount of light entering the eye is the ? PUPIL
The inner tunic of the eye contains receptor cells of sight and is called the ? RETINA
Sharpest vision region Fovea Centralis
Bending of light waves as they pass at an oblique angle from medium of one optical density to a medium of another optical density is called ? REFRACTION
Two types of visual receptors Rods & Cones
Rods vision in dim light general outlines
Cones color and sharp vision
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