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DVT398- TH1

USIDMS Extracranial Carotid

Does ICA or ECA have extracranial branches? ECA
Which branch of CCA can be augmented by the temporal tap? ECA
Which branch of CCA has a more resistive waveform? ECA
Which branch of CCA has a less resistive waveform? ICA
Which branch of the CCA is generally bigger? ICA
What results in reversal of flow from ipsilateral vertebral artery? Subclavian Steal
What are some controllable risk factors for CVA? Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipedemia, smoking,
What are some uncontrollable risk factors for CVA? Aging, family Hx, Gender
What are the two main types of CVAs? Hemorrhagic & Ischemic
Which type of CVA makes up the majority of strokes? Ischemic (>70%)
What is the main cause for hemorrhagic stroke? Hypertension
What is the difference between TIA & RIND? TIA symptoms clear up within 24 hours while RIND is more than 24 hours.
____% of diameter reduction = ____% area reduction 50% diameter reduction = 75% area reduction
What is the overgrowth of the cells from the inside of the artery post-endarterectomy? Neointimal Hyperplasia
How early do symptoms have to be caught to use t-PA? Within 3 hours
What is the main form of energy present in flowing blood? Potential energy
When will a patient be considered for an Endarterectomy? >70% stenosis or <70% stenosis with symptoms
"The Room Of Doom" is associated with what? An ulceration in an artery in which RBCs sit and form clot
___% of all flow from CCA flows into ICA 80%
Proximal to a stenosis the waveform will appear... High resistance, but low velocity
Is NASCET accepted by traditional US criteria? Most do not agree with measuring methods.
Most common spot for aterosclerosis? Bifurcations
Where is the most common area of Fibromuscular Dysplasia? Renal arteries, with ICA being second most common
What is the most common site for traumatic AVF? Femoral vein
Severe ICA PSV measurment? severe >230 cm/s
Abnormal ICA/CCA Ratio? >4.0
Created by: thollander
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