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Lymphoid Organs/Traf

What are the primary lymphoid organs? Bone marrow and Thymus Gland
What happens in the primary lymphoid organs? lymphocyte maturation and development
What are the primary lymphoid organs? Lymph nodes, Peyers patches, Spleen
What do lymphoid organs all have in common? Lymphoid follicles
What do lymphoid organs al have in common (apart from the spleen)? High endothelial venules
Do fDC come from haemotopoesis? No
What cells do fDC activate? B cells
How do fDC pick up opsonised antigens? CR and Fc receptor
What survival signals do newly activated B cells need? CD40L -CD40 from the Th cells
What does the spleen sample? The blood
What do peyers patches sample? The intestinal tract
What surface molecule expression do immature T cells have when arriving in the thymus? None
When T cells become double positive, what do they express? CD4 and CD8
What are CTECs? Cortical thymic epithelium cells
In the cortex, cells that recognise self peptides/antigens, their fate is that they ___ Survive
In the medulla, the T cells are single positive. What does this mean? they only express either CD4 or CD8
What interaction is needed to enter the lymph node? L-Selectin = GlyCAM-I
What interaction is needed to enter the peyers patches? Integrin alpha4beta7 = MADCAM-I
Created by: Jake_Bark