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Bio Mammal Test NJH

Contains anatomical terms, basic brain parts and anatomy

Dorsal Back
Ventral Front
Lateral Sides
Median Middle
Anterior/cephalic Toward the head
Posterior Toward hind end
Superficial On or near the surface
Deep Some distance below the surface
Sagittal Relating to midplane, which bisects left and right sides
Transverse Plane seperating ant. and post.
Horizontal Plane separating dorsal and ventral
Proximal Near to the point of reference
Distal Far from point of reference
Caudal Toward tale end
Pectoral Relating to chest and shoulder region
Pelvic Relating to hip region
Dermal Relating to skin
Longitudinal Lengthwise
Right & Left Specimens right and left, not yours
Abdominal cavity Related to are below rib cage (post.)
Thoratic Cavity Related to area above ribcage (ant.)
Recite the blood flow through heart Right atrium, right AV valve, right ventricle, semi lunar valve, pulmanary artery, lungs, pulmanary vein, left atrium, left AV valve, left ventricle, semi lunar valve, aorta, body, vena cava, repeat
What are the three parts of the brain stem pons, mid brain and medulla
Pons Links medulla and thalamus
Medulla Continuation of spinal chord, forms lowest part of brain stem. Contains control center for heart and lungs
Cerebellum Back of skull in vertebrates, coordinate and regulate muscular activity
Pituitary gland Behind the bridge of your nose, attached to base of your brain. Controls growth and development and functioning of other glands
What are the three parts of the Mininges Dura mater, aracnoid, piamater
Dura mater Tough outermost membrane covering brain
Aracnoid Middle layed attached to inside of dura mater and spinal chord
Piamater delicate, innermost membrane enveloping the brain and spinal chord
Meninges Protects nervous system, line the skull and vertebral canal and enclose the brain and spinal chord
Olfactory bulb Neural structure of vertebrate involved in olfaction, the sense of smell
Optic nerve Second pair of cranial nerves, transmitting impulses to brain from retina at the back of the eye
Cerebrum responsible for coordination of voluntary activity in body, integrates complex sensory and neural functions
Mid brain Associated with vision/hear, sleep/awake, temp., vision and hearing
Created by: charishadden



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