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what is the name of the family tree design used to help understand relationships? Genogram
What order do the three components of Transactional Analysis develop? 1. Child 2.Parent 3. Adult
example of parent/verbal Do your homework
example of parent/nonverbal the look
example of child/verbal that's mine
example of child/nonverbal tantrum
which component is best for problem solving? Adult
what skill unit did we learn in class to address problem solving? 'I" Message
what are the 4 sentence starters in order that can be used to help problem solve? 1.I see 2.I think 3.I feel 4. I need
illustration for understanding boundaries circles surrounding a heart
1 reason boundaries can be a pro (positive element) in our life make decisions on who you want in your life based on personality, comfort, and plans.
help us manage our time, energy, and resources.
Eros romantic
ludus gameplaying
storge friendship
pragma practical
mania obsessive
agape selfless
what are the three components to Sternberg's Triangular theory of love? intimacy, passion, and commitment
language of love words of affirmation
receiving gifts
physical touch
acts of service
quality time
what does GMO stand for? Genetically Modified Organism
corn 88%
canola 90%
sugar beets 95%
soy 93%
papaya 75%
alfalfa 30%
what are two counties that do not regulate GMO labeling USA & Canada
no synthetic pesticides
no synthetic fertilizers
not fed animal by products
not irradiated
no growth hormones
no antibiotics
no GMOs
what does this symbol mean? (symbol with flower looking thing) been exposed to radiation
1st step to making perfect rice heavy bottom pot
2nd step to making perfect rice double amount of water to rice
3rd step to making perfect rice olive oil
med to med-high until a boil comes
simmer for 20 mins with lid
no peeking
what is coping mechanism that we can do to better arrange people in relation to our boundaries? conscious choice