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Carbs, Lipids, Proteins, Nucleic Acids

In biochemistry, what does the term "organic" mean? molecule contains Carbon
What reaction occurs when monomers are combined to form polymers? condensation or dehydration synthesis
What reaction occurs when polymers are broken down into monomers? hydrolysis
What elements are found in all four macromolecules? Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
What is the main function of carbohydrates? immediate source of energy
What is the monomer of a carbohydrate? monosaccharide
Which type of carbohydrate has this formula -- C6H12O6? monosaccharides
Which polysaccharide is stored in plant cell walls to provide structural support? cellulose
In what form do plants store excess glucose? starch
In what form do animals store excess glucose? glycogen
What molecule is formed when two monosaccharides combine? disaccharides
Fats, oils, waxes and steroids are examples of __. lipids
What does hydrophobic mean? does not dissolve in water
Which macromolecule is hydrophobic? lipids
Which macromolecule provides the body with long-term energy? lipids
What molecule forms two layers in the cell membrane to help regulate cellular transport? phospholipids
Which macromolecule waterproofs and insulates the body? lipids
Triglycerides are made of __. glycerol and 3 fatty acid tails
Which type of lipid is liquid at room temperature? unsaturated
Which type of lipid contains double bonds in the fatty acid Carbon chain? unsaturated
Which elements can be found in nucleic acids, but not carbohydrates or lipids? Nitrogen and Phosphorus
What is the monomer of a nucleic acid? nucleotide
What are the two types of nucleic acids? DNA and RNA
Which macromolecule stores and transmits genetic information? nucleic acids
Which macromolecule is a source of Nitrogen -- carbohydrates, lipids or protein? protein
How are the 20 amino acids different? the 'R' group
What is produced when amino acids combine? proteins
What is the name of the bond between amino acids? peptide bond
What is a polypeptide chain? chain of amino acids
Which macromolecule is a structural component of skin and muscle? protein
Which macromolecule transports materials in the body such as hemoglobin? protein
This macromolecule is a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism. What is it? protein
Which macromolecule can be found on cell membranes to serve as receptors for cellular communication? proteins
Which macromolecule is an antibody? proteins
Which macromolecule are enzymes? proteins
Which molecule increases the rate of reactions? enzymes
Which molecule is a biological catalyst? enzyme
Which molecule would test positive with the Biuret indicator? proteins
Which molecule would test positive with the Benedicts indicator? monosaccharides
Which molecule would test positive with the Iodine indicator? starch
What are the 3 types of carbohydrates? monosaccharide, disaccharide, polysaccharide
Glucose and fructose are examples of __. monosaccharides -- carbohydrates
Excess ___ are stored as oil droplets in fat cells. lipids
The monomer contains a sugar, phosphate and Nitrogen base. What is the macromolecule? nucleic acid
What is the monomer of an enzyme? amino acid
What is the monomer of cellulose? monosaccharide
Polymers of polysaccharides, lipids and proteins are all synthesized from monomers by __. dehydration synthesis or condensation
The general term for a large molecule made up of smaller subunits is __. polymer
If Ms. Byers wanted to grow her hair out without fear of it breaking or becoming damaged, what macromolecule should she increase in her diet? proteins
Leon has a big football game this evening. What monomer should he load up on during dinner to ensure that he has enough energy for the big game? carbohydrates
A __ is a building block of an organic compound. monomer
You are walking down the “tough streets” of New Jersey, and suddenly you feel the need to run away from someone who is accosting you! Your muscles keep a form of energy stored just for these emergencies. What macromolecule stores energy in muscles? glycogen
Lard is pig fat. People often use it is making pastries because its solid form at room temperature makes it ideal for flaky pastries and pie crusts. Is lard saturated or unsaturated lipid? saturated
Which molecule is responsible for plant structure -- glucose, starch, cellulose, or glycogen? cellulose
What molecule is made of glycerol and fatty acids? lipids
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