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art finals


shapes that you use in math geometric
shapes found in nature biomorphic, organic
symmetrical mirror image
asymmetrical not a mirror image
proportion the size of something in the drawing compared to the size of something else in the drawing
how are people measured so they're drawn in the correct proportion? heads
what was the purpose of gargoyles? to ward off evil spirits, to take water away from the building
all steps embossing trace the shape onto aluminum, fill in the shape, flip, outline the outside, flip, outline the inside
prehistoric art was drawn where? caves
of what objects? animals they were hunting
warm colors red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, yellow
cool colors green, blue-green, green, violet, blue-violet, blue
primary colors red, blue,yellow
secondary colors orange, green, violet
intermediate colors re-violet, red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet
2 colors that make brown violet, yellow
whats the best way to cut turn the paper not the scissors
what is the correct technique of gluing tiny dots on the edges
what is a resist where wax or oil protects part of the paper from watercolor paints
how do make a watercolor wash taking the water color paint and mixing it with the water in the tray ahead of time
difference between watercolor brush and other paint brush watercolor brush is made out of hair to soak up more water while other brush is plastic
what is shading using the side of your pencil to make some areas of a drawing lighter or darker than other areas
what is blending change from dark to light slowly
drawing rule draw what you see, not what you know
timeline prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek, roman, medieval, renaissance
prehistoric before written history
earth tones art in prehistoric, paints made from earth
timeline diagram that shows the time certain events happened
hieroglyphics egyptian style of writing
cartouche an oval that surrounds and person's name
art media art materials
profile side view
3d has depth
silhouette outline of the shape
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