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Spring Study Guide

L.A. 8, Spring Semester Exam

Who is the author of 'The Old Man and The Sea' ? Ernest Hemmingway
What type of narration is used? First person narrator
List and explain three symbols in the book 85 - the numerology -a sun sign- relates itself to Santiago's personality, saying that you should listen to your inner voice and take directions from it to manifest your desire in life La Mar - representing the sea as a women Lions - youth
Summarize the plot of the book In Cuba, Havana (the capital of Cuba), Santiago sails out to the Gulf Stream farther than any fisherman has gone to catch a marlin, yet, returning back to his village with the marlin washed up. Eaten.
Explain the flashback when Santiago was "El Campion." Explain why this was included in the story It was when Santiago was in his youth, arm wrestling a negro in a bar which lasted for 1 day and 1 night. The flashback gives him courage to continue and fight the marlin
Explain how Santiago has believes he has committed a sin He destroyed the marlins beauty for his own pride
What makes Santiago the protagonist of this story? He's unlike most fishermen, he respected and loved the fish - showing love and compassion as the theme- and even after he killed the fish. He felt guilty for destroying its beauty
Explain what makes Santiago a Christ figure in this story He carried the Marlin over his shoulders, to suffer and prove himself
List five themes in the book. Briefly explain each one Nature Wisdom of old age Love and Compassion Pride and Determination Strength and Endurance
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