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vertebrates examples, what are chordates and vertebrates, fish, amphibians etc

Type of symmetry in Chordates... # of tissue layers, and location of their senses( include special name) Bilateral... all bilateral animals have 3 tissue layers and they have cephalization ( senses concentrated in anterior end ... have a head)
What do chordates have that allow them to have more complex organs and systems a true body cavity ( they are coelomate... have a coelom)
What chordates share with annelids and arthropods that allows them to be more flexible and have regions that are specialized segmentation
Which phylum has a close relationship with chordates when the embryo development is studied echinoderm
special characteristic of chordate that is a flexible rod along back or animal ( dorsal side) and in vertebraes it develops into the backbone notochord
this chordate characteristic is above the notochord ...during development the anterior end becomes the brain and the posterior becomes the spinal cord dorsal hollow nerve cord
Chordate characteristic that evolved into gills in aquatic chordates and is evidence of aquatic ancestry for land vertebrates pharyngeal pouches or slits ( slits on the pharynx--throat area)
A chordate characteristic that is located beyond the anus , mostly for locomotion postanal tail
What is special about the classification category of vertebrate it is a subphylum of the phylum chordate... a group of chordates have backbones. not all chordates a few are invertebrates
Two invertebrate chordates lancelet and tunicate
What are other names for backbone vertebral column or spinal column
Name the classes of vertebrates jawless fish, cartilage fish, bony fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals
What are 3 types of mammals monotremes, marsupials, placentals
What is the fancy name for cartilage fish Chondrichthyes
what is the fancy name for bony fish Osteichthyes
What is the fancy name for birds Aves
Name 4 bony fish that are ray-finned ( remember this is the largest group of fish and the most familar) goldfish, trout, salmon, lion fish, ( blue gill, perch, bass, carp, catfish, cod, sea horse....many more)
Name the types of amphibians frogs and toads, salamanders and newts, caecilians,
Name the kinds of reptiles lizards and snakes,crocodiles and alligators ( and other crocodilia), turtles and tortoises
Which type of crocodilia has a thinner snout and some of the lower teeth show when the mouth is closed crocodile
What name is given to the wormlike, legless, tropical amphibian that is rarely seen caecilian
what are the kinds of cartilage fish sharks, skates, and rays
what bird is sometimes confused for a mammal ( it may have feathers that are so thick they look like fur) penguin
what are two kind of jawless fish hagfish and lamprey
the only north american marsupial Opossum
3 kinds of lobe-finned bony fish coelacanth, lung fish, and the ancestor of tetrapods
the lobe-finned fish that is a living fossils and was though to be extinct but is found periodically... they study it to see if they can determine the evolution of land vertebrates coelacanth
Two mammals with little hair and have bodies covered by scaly stuctures... one lives in China or Africa and the other lives in United States and other Southern locations Pangolin and Armadillo
the only mammal that flies... don't get it mixed up with a bird Bat
Two monotreme mammals spiny anteater, duckbill platypus
A whale is in which chordate class? mammal
Name 4 birds that might be in your backyard goldfinch, cardinal, oriole, bluebird, blue jay, robin, etc
something that fish have in evolutionary development that is not in tunicates or lancelets they are all called vertebrates
What was the evolution development between the lamprey and the shark or other cartilage fish jaws
some bony fish ( called lobe-finned fish) have an evolutionary development that helped vertebrates move to land... they have lungs
What type of environments are fish friendly? what covers the skin of most, and what do they use for respiration aquatic, scales, gills
What fish have to detect vibrations in water ( helps them sense what is around ears), and also helps them with balance lateral line system
Which animals have a single loop circulation system... from heart, to get oxygen, to body and back to heart fish
How many chambers make up the heart of a fish... what are the chambers 2, atrium and ventricle
What are 3 special features of jawless fish no scales, no paired fins, notochord entire life
what were the 2 firsts for cartilage fish first jaws and first paired fins
What makes up the skeleton of sharks, skates, and rays cartilage
what is true about the teeth of many sharks and their skin they have rows of teeth that can be replaced if lost and their skin is rough like sandpaper
Which type of bony fish have bones in their fins ray-finned
Which type of bony fish has fins with muscular lobes and joints similar to land vertebrates ( making the fins more flexible) lobe-finned
the first land vertebrate was called a tetrapod
The plate of bone over the gills is only found in ? fish and is called a/an bony fish.... and called the Operculum
what is found in bony fish that acts like a balloon to control their depth in the water swim bladder
amphibians are decendents of tetrapods that decended from lobe-finned fish
What are 3 things that were needed for amphibians to move onto land... 3 things that had to develop for life on land strong limbs, lungs, ears( hearing) for sensing environment( lateral line won't work on land)
What does amphibian mean... explain double life they must go back to water for fertilization, and egg development ( eggs are not covered with protective shells)
What do amphibians use for respiration lungs, moist skin, and the lining of the mouth ( THEY DO NOT HAVE SCALES)
Amphibians typically have ? legs... but it that a total requirement.. explain 4 legs. not a total requirement. Caecilian is legless and some salamanders don't have 4 legs
What is true about the circulation loops and the chambers of the amphibian heart amphibians have a 2 loop circulation ( one loop from heart to lungs to get oxygen then back to heart.... 2nd loop from heart to body and back to heart... they have 3 chambers ( 2 atria and a ventricle that is not divided
which amphibian groups lacks tails and has long legs for jumping frogs and toads
how is the skin different between a frog and toad frog has smooth moist skin and toad has drier bumpy skin ( will not cause warts).... toad has poison glands for protection
which amphibians have long, slim bodies, necks, and tails salamanders and newts ( NEWTS ARE AQUATIC)
what term describes animals that obtain body het from the external environment... they cannot regulate the body temperature with their metabolism... behavior like sunning are important ectotherms
which animals are ectotherms fish, amphibians, reptiles
what term describes animals that generate their body heat internally using their metabolism... they maintain a constant body temperature endotherms
which animals are endotherms birds and mammals
What is the reptiles claim to fame they are the first completely terrestrial vertebrates
What name is given to reptiles, birds, and mammals based on their eggs or the membranes they have that derived from the egg amniotes
What are two very important parts of the reproduction of reptiles that are important for success on land internal fertilization and the amniotic egg
What do reptiles depend on for respiration lungs.. they have more surface area ( bigger lungs) and better muscles to bring in air ( they can take in more air than amphbians)
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