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lesson 3.08


primary circulation The number of people who receive a publication, whether through direct purchase or subscription.
secondary circulation The number of people who read a publication
position (preferred) The location of an advertisement on a page; the time when a program or commercial announcement will run
zoning The regulation of the construction and use of buildings in certain areas of a municipality
flat rates offer no discount for quantity or repeated space buys
sliding-scale rates Which of the following decreases the costs to a business of using newspaper advertising:
combination rates A special space rate or discount offered for advertising in two or more periodicals
delivered circulation the rate base is the circulation figure on which the publisher bases rates
guaranteed circulation stated minimum number of copies of a particular issue that'll be delivered
bleed pages Magazine advertisements where the printed area extends to the edge of the page
gatefolds enable an advertiser to make a striking presentation by using a third page that folds out and gives the ad an extra-large spread
spreads Two pages in a layout that face each other; a left page and a right page in a multi-page document
rating The percentage of the total potential audience who are exposed to a particular media vehicle
gross rating points A measure of the total amount of the advertising exposures produced by a specific media vehicle or a media schedule during a specific period of time
run-of-schedule air time Broadcast commercial announcements that can be scheduled at the station's discretion anytime
cost per thousand (CPM) A dollar comparison that shows the relative cost of various media or vehicles
cost per gross rating point (CPRP) rating point (CPRP) The figure indicates the dollar cost of advertising exposure to one percentage point of the target group, audience, or population
movable billboard A mobile billboard is a device used for advertising on the side of a truck or trailer that is typically mobile
advertising package A package of display ads determined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to be the most commonly used and created
visibility the degree to which something has attracted general attention
volume discount A financial incentive for individuals or businesses that purchase goods in multiple units or in large quantities
circulation the public availability or knowledge of something
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