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Ainu-itak: Animals

Ainu-itak: Land Animals, Birds & Insects

kamuy, kimunkamuy bear
pewrep, eper, heper bear cub
yuk deer
apka, siapka, pinneraw buck (male deer)
momampe doe (female deer)
cironnop, cironnup, sumari fox
moyuk badger
isopo, isepo rabbit
niueo, niuew, tusuninke, tusunike, kasekurkur squirrel
umma, uma horse
sita, seta dog
cape, meko, neko cat
erumun, ermun, erum, ermu mouse
amam'ecikappo, amam'ecikap sparrow
paskur crow
sirariwak, kararak, sirarkokari carrion crow
sipaskur, siepaskur jungle crow
ciptacikap, ciptacir, esoksoki woodpecker
kamuycikap, kotankorkamuy Blakiston's fish-owl
ahunrasampe brown hawk owl
kapiw seagull
kusuyep, kusuwep, toytacikan, koysuwep pidgeon, dove
retatcir swan
sororncir, saroruncikap, sarorun crane
epinpiro, nokuyak, ruyanpecikap swallow
kikir worm
soya bee, wasp
itunnap, itunap ant
mos, mus fly
rapucupke, siraw horsefly
etutanne mosquito
yaoskep, yaatekkamui, yakorkamuy spider
yaki cicada
ninninkep, ninninkeppo, nininken, nininkeppo firefly, lightning bug
marewrew, heporap butterfly
apeetunpe, apetunpe, sunekokarip moth
itemenkikir, itemekikir, ipakarikikir, ikokompa, ikompap caterpillar
hankukacuy, hankupkaeciu, hankucotca, hankokaciu, ohankopotuy dragonfly
ikupakikir, cikupap, pokepap stag beetle
pattaki grasshopper, locust
imok, toymok, tunin, tonin earthworm
ooat, oowat, terkeype frog
tannekamuy snake
kinasutunkamuy, kinasutkamuy Japanese rat snake
tokkoni pit viper
aram, haram lizard
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