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Ainu-itak: Body

Ainu-itak: Body Parts

am (finger)nail
amunin, tapsut arm
askepet finger
capus, papus, patoy lips
car, paro mouth
ci, ciye penis
cikir'asam, uresam sole (of foot)
cikir leg, foot
cikirmekka, cikirmekkasi, cikirmekkasike, uremekka, uremekkasi, uremekkasike top of the foot, instep
etu nose
etupuy nostrils
hankapuy, hanko, hanku navel, belly button
hon stomach, belly
imak, mimak, nimak tooth
itankikem'askepet index finger
kema leg
kiputur, noyporo forehead
kisar ear
kokkapa, kokkapake, kokkasapa knee
kukew, tapsut shoulder
nan face
niyarpok, niyorpok underside of the knee
notakam cheek
osoma, si feces, excrement
osor, osorkam bottom, buttocks
otop hair (of head)
pa, pake, sapa head
parunpe tongue
penram, rerar chest, breast
pon'askepet litle finger
rannuma, rar eyebrows
rekut neck
sampe heart
setur back (of body)
sik eye
siknum eyeball
sikrap eyelashes
sittok, sittokkew elbow
suma rock, stone
tek hand
tekkotor palm (of hand)
tokap breast
ure foot
yarpok, yatupok armpit
Created by: aio