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A Doll's House

A Doll's House Review- Pacemaker Classic Adapted Version

Torvald's current job title Bank manager
What does Mrs. Linde want from Torvald? A job
Why did a character borrow $1200 To pay medical bills for her husband
Who took an illegal loan for $1200? Nora
Why did Christine Linde return to town? She wanted to tell a man that she's loved him for years.
Why did Nils Krogstad need Nora's help? He wanted to keep his job at the bank.
What did Dr. Rank write on his calling card? A black X
What does the black X mean on Dr. Rank's calling card? He will soon die.
When will Nora return home as a wife and mother? She doesn't know.
What is Krogstad's reaction to receiving his letter of dismissal from the bank? He writes a letter telling of Nora's crime
Why is it illegal for Nora to borrow money? Women were not permitted to borrow money
Whose signature did Nora forge to get a loan? Her father's
Author of "A Doll's House" Henrik Ibsen
Why did Mrs. Christine Linde marry her husband who has now died? He made lots of money; he could help care for her brothers and mother.
Identify three of Torvald's nicknames for Nora that show a traditional view of women. Skylark, squirrel, songbird, squanderbird
Define traditional view of women. Ways that people think that women should behave and duties they should have because men have certain roles and women have certain roles
Why was Torvald upset when Nora did not act like a traditional woman who obeyed the law? He believed others would think less of him as a man and a bank manager.
What did Torvald and Nora's father do to keep Nora a traditional wife/daughter? They treated Nora like a child and took care of her.
Why would Nora say, "Hm, if you only knew what expenses we larks and squirrels have"? She was giving a reason for spending too much money.
Who is the protagonist in the play, A Doll's House? Nora
Who is the antagonist in the play, A Doll's House? Nils Krogstad
Why does Nora leave Torvald at the end of the book? She wants to experience life. Torvald and her father took care of her forever.
How do Nora and Torvald differ in their attitudes towards money? Torvald saves money, whereas Nora spends it.
How do Mrs. Linde and Nora know each other? They were friends in school.
What is wrong with Dr. Rank? Tuberculosis of the spine
What did Nora plan to do at the costume party? Dance the tarantella and play a tambourine
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