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PF 6.01

Borrower Someone who takes out a loan and pays it back
Closed-end Credit A car loan. Take a certain amount of money and pay it back. DOESN'T CHANGE AT ALL!!
Collection Agnecy Loan sharks. When you don't pay back a bill and they will kick you out.
Co-signer Responsible for paying back debt for credit. SIGN WITH YOUR PARENTS!!
Credit A loan.
Credit History A record of what I have done in the past for paying back loans
Credit Limit Maximum amount that can be borrowed
Credit Report Record of how you pay back loans
Credit reporting agencies Agencies that create reports based on the information they receive from lenders regarding the borrower's account history.
Credit Score The number to tell if you are paying back a loan
Foreclosures The bank owns your house if you don't pay the mortgage payments.
Lender Whoever gives you money
Open-end Credit Credit Card. CHANGES ALL THE TIME!!!
Tax Lien If you don't pay your taxes and the government will put a tax lien until you pay.
Created by: abigail.xiong59