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Ecosystem Examples

Examples of Ecosystem Vocabulary

Bees within a beehive using pollen to create honey. Ecosystem
A hawk flying around looking for possible prey. Organism
The diver ants work together to create things needed for survival. Population
The lion attacks the buffalo in a predator/prey relationship. Community
Grass, Flowers, Ants, Bees, and Beekeepers. Biotic Factor
Soil, Sunlight, Air, and Water. Abiotic Factor
A small fresh water pond is home to an array of life thanks to the abudant water supply and sunshine. Ecosystem
The dog licks himself clean. Organism
All the humans of Woodbury, New Jersey. Population
A bird searches for worms to bring back to its young. Community
worms, snails, insects, and birds. Biotic Factor
The holes witin a dirt patch. Abiotic Facotr
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