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BI4110 Tissue

What are the 4 functions of epithelial tissue? Protection Absorption Secretion Excretion
What are the conduction cells in nervous tissue? Neurones
Where is stratified epithelium found? Mouth and throat
What function do fibroblasts? Produce fibre
What are the characteristics of transitional epithelium? Cells are closely packed together and are easily stretched
What is the function of the mesothelium? Protection, secretes fluid and reduces friction between organs
What is the function of squamous cells? Provide protection
What are histiocytes? They are phagocytic cells
What is the function of mucous membrane? Absorb, protect and secrete mucous
What are the two types of glandular epithelium? Exocrine and endocrine glands
What are the characteristics of squamous cells Flat
What are the supporting cells in nervous tissue? Neuroglia
What are the characteristics of cuboidal cells? They're cuboidal in shape
What proteins are found in striated muscle tissue? Actin and myosin
Where is elastic cartilage found? External ear
Where is fibrocartilage found? In-between vertebrae
Where is simple epithelium found? Circulatory system, alveoli,
What do mast cells produce? Histamines and anticoagulants
Where is hyaline cartilage found? Nose, Trachea
What are the characteristics of columnar epithelium? Tall, ciliated
What are the characteristics of pseudo-stratified epithelium? Cells extend from basement membrane, nuclei on varying heights
What is the function of cuboidal cells? Absorb and secrete or protection
What are the characteristics of stratified epithelium? Multiple layers
Give two examples of mesothelium -Pleural membrane -Peritoneum -Pericardium
Where is smooth muscle found? Lining the body tubes; alimentary canal, arteries and veins
What three cells are found in areolar connnective tissue? -Fibroblasts -Histiocytes -Mast Cells
What does reticular tissue form? Liver, bone marrow and lymphoid organs (spleen)
What are the differences between strained muscle and cardiac muscle? -cardiac muscle contains intercalated discs -Cardiac muscle is uninucleate, where striated muscle is multinucleate
What are cartilage cells called? Chondrocytes
What are the characteristics of simple epithelium? Single cell layer thick
Where is endothelium found? Lining the circulatory system
What are the two functions of adipose tissue? -Protect -Insulate
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