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Life Sci - Chap 24

study guide

1. Describe the function of the digestive system. ESSAY to break down food so it can be used by the body; absorption; get rid of undigestible material
2. Can you write the order of the digestive system pathway beginning with the mouth and ending with anus? mouth -pharynx - esophagus - stomach - small intestine - large intestine - rectum - anus
3. Explain the difference between chemical and mechanical digestion. Chemical - large molecules are broken into nutrients by saliva or digestive juices; mechanical - breaking, crushing & mashing of food (movement)
4. What do enzymes do for digestion? the break some nutrients into smaller particles the body can use
5. List the three types of teeth. canines, molars and incisors (front teeth). Protective layer of teeth - enamel
6. What does each type of tooth do? canines - holds onto and rips (punctures); molar - chew/grind; incisors -bite things off
7. How many baby teeth do you get? Twenty (20)
8. How many adult teeth do most adults receive? Thirty-two (32)
9. What does saliva do for the digestive system? begins chemical digestion
10. List the term for the back of the throat. pharynx
11. What is the function of the esophagus. to take food from the throat (pharynx) to the stomach
12. What is the name of the soupy mixture inside the stomach? chyme
13. What is the function of the stomach? to break down food with stomach acids(chemical) and muscle contraptions of the stomach(mechanical); the acids produced kill most bacteria swallowed with food
14. List the function of the pancreas. makes digestive enzymes that go to the small intestine and hormones that regulate sugar levels.It also releases bicarbonate compounds.
15. How long is the small intestine? 6 meters (20ft). The villi in the small intestine increase surface area for nutrient absorption
16. You use your small intestine to do what? to break down food and absorb nutrients from the food. It is narrower than the large intestine.
17. The liver produces what? bile (yellow-green). The liver also stores nutrients and breaks down toxins
18. Where is bile stored in the body? gall bladder. it squeezes bile into the small intestine
19. List the functions of the large intestines. it stores, compacts, and eliminates solid wastes from the body
20. Describe the function of the urinary system. ESSAY removes waste products from the blood.
21. List the pathway of the urinary system. kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra
22. What organ filters your blood? kidney. To stay healthy kidneys help our body gets rids of wastes like carbon dioxide and ammonia.
23. Inside the kidneys are the _______________that filters the blood. nephrons
24. What type of artery and vein flows blood to and away from the kidneys? renal artery and renal vein. After blood is cleaned by kidneys it leaves via the renal vein to the rest of the body
25. Urine is removed from the kidneys to the bladder via what type of tube? ureters
26. Where is urine stored? bladder
27. The tube that releases urine from your body is called? urethra
28. Kidney stones form inside the ________ and blocks your urine. ureter
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