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Unit 5: Immune Sys

Unit 5: Immune System

Bacteria living, prokaryotic, unicellular organism
Virus nonliving thing that can make you sick
Asexual Reproduction how bacteria reproduce; bacteria cells split in two
Lytic Cycle how viruses reproduce; virus takes over a host cell and tricks it into making more copies of the virus, and then the new viruses burst out
Coccus Round (spherical) shaped bacteria
Bacillus Rod (hot dog) shaped bacteria
Spirillum Spiral shaped bacteria
Diplo- Prefix to describe bacteria in pairs
Strepto- Prefix to describe bacteria in chains
Staphylo- Prefix to describe bacteria in clusters or groups
Antibiotic Medicine used to kill bacteria
Antibiotic resistance When bacteria are not killed by antibiotics
Antibody Protein made by white blood cells to mark bacteria so that other cells can destroy them, or some can even kill the bacteria
Phagocyte White blood cell that eats pathogens
Plasma B cell White blood cell that makes antibodies
Memory B cell White blood cell that lives for a long time and remembers how to make the correct antibodies to fight a specific pathogen
Killer T cell Kills cells in your body that have become infected with viruses or bacteria
Helper T cell Sounds the alarm! Activates other white blood cells!
Vaccine Shot that has dead viruses or bacteria, or pieces of viruses or bacteria so that your immune system can learn how to fight the pathogen
Antiviral Medicine that slows down the reproduction of viruses
Pathogen germ; any harmful microbe
Immune system Body system that helps your body maintain homeostasis by fighting pathogens
Flu Caused by a virus
Strep throat Caused by a bacteria
Cold Caused by a virus
First Line of Defense Barriers that help stop pathogens from entering your body; include your skin, cilia, mucus, stomach acid, etc.
Second Line of Defense Inflammatory response; blood vessels near damaged cells get bigger and leaky to send blood and white blood cells to the area; may get a fever
Ear infection Caused by a bacteria
COVID-19 Caused by a virus
Third Line of Defense Your white blood cells! Help fight pathogens once they are in your body
Antigen Protein on the pathogen that helps your white blood cells identify the pathogen
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