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Biology root word #2

mar sea
halo salt
gen producing
kary nucleus
chondr cartilage
ase enzyme
mot move
quin five
sect cut
globin protein
verm worm
mili thousand
soma body
alb white
infra below
oma growth
dent tooth
osteo bone
chron time
dent teeth
amphi both
arth joint
ad towards
philic liking or loving
pyro fire
terra land
medi middle
sacch sugar
phago feeding
mega large
co together
necro dead
hemi half
di two
mut change
vita life
ortho straight
dox belief
aqua water
globin protein
chiasm crossing
phobic fearing
contra against
dactyl finger
ocu eye
ose sugar
meso middle
circum around
ase enzyme
icthy fish
de remove
extra beyond
gen producing
hap half
hemo blood
foli plant
lysis to cut
lip fat
adipo fat
endo inside
meter measurement
enter inside
proto first
multi many
meta next
non not
bronch windpipe
lact milk
leuko white
cide kill
ultra above
plasty molding
Created by: jazzypie8