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community info

community interactions and changes ( succession)

What occurs when more than one organism uses a resource in the same way competition
food, water, space and light are necessary for life and are often called _____ in a community resources
strong organisms compete with weak organisms for survival.. what is the usual outcome ( give 2 options) the strong survive and the weak die some organisms might move to another location where they won't have to compete as much
when one organism consumes another organisms for food it is called ? predation
What is the distinction between predator and prey predator is the one that pursues another organism.... prey is the organism pursued
what interaction do we see when a cat catches a bird the cat is the predator and the bird is the prey.. the action that is happening is called predation
what word describes changes in an ecosystem when one community replaces another as a result of changing abiotic and biotic factors succession
what causes one community to replace another community in the process of succession competition
which type of succession is a slower process primary succession
why is secondary succession a faster process because soil is already present
what type of succession happens on a solidified lava flow or exposed rocks when no soil is present primary succession
How are Lichens important in primary succession they help form soil by secreting acids that help break down rock into soil
In succession when one population of organisms replace another. The population that is being replaced dies. what does that do to the soil in the area this helps enrich the soil and helps with soil improvement .. so each time this happens the soil becomes richer and richer with organic matter
the mature community that is stable and has little change in the composition of species is called a/an ... this results from primary or secondary succession CLIMAX COMMUNITY note- disturbances are ongoing in communities, change always occurs so a true climax community is unlikely
what is usually described by the type of climax community that exists in a particular climate biomes
disturbances such as fire, flood, storms disrupt communities. After the disturbance new species of plants and animals might occupy the habitat but there is a tendency for the species belonging to the climax community to return... this is called secondary succession
Orderly and predictable change that takes place after a community has been removed but the soil has remained intact secondary succession
Describe the pioneer species of primary succession compared to secondary succession they are generally different species. In primary succession they are species like lichen or mosses that need to form soil. In secondary succession they are mainly small plants (seeds may be in nearby areas).. In both cases they are sturdy organisms
What are the first organisms in an area during primary or secondary succession ( what is their formal description) pioneer species
An organism that is a combination of algae and fungus ..they form a mutualistic relationship .. and are in harsh climates and normal environments ( on rocks or trees)... harsh environments may include tundra and hot deserts Lichens
Explain the mutualistic relationship of a Lichen the fungus provides the shelter and doesn't let the other partner dry out. The algae is the other partner and it does photosynthesis to provide food for both of them... they both benefit
A good example of a pioneer plant in secondary succession could be a dandelion... what are some of its characteristics that make it a good pioneer species it produces lots of seeds, grows and reproduces quickly and is robust ... they tolerate sun well
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