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Congenital cardiolog

study for cci exam RCCS

What is the first branch of Ao Arch? Innominate or Brachiocephalic
Innominate Artery gives rise to what branches? Rt. Subclavian Artery and Right Common Carotid Artery
Name the Area of Ao. Arch just past Left Subclavian artery? Aortic shelf
What is the only area where left and right arterial and venous circulation meet? capillary beds to transfer oxygen
Name the two basic principals of how the Heart Pump Operates. pressure and volume
Pressure is always _______________ on the Right side of heart. lower
Pressure is always ---------------- on the Left side of heart. Highter
Right heart appears to be _______________ the size of left heart, but pumps the same amount in _______________. 1/2, volume
A difference in pressure causes a flow gradient.
Blood flow occurs as a result of movement from _____________ pressure to ________________ pressure. high to low pressure.
Oxygen transfer occurs at capillary beds.
What vessels carry approximately 60% of the blood volume? Veins
Veins carry ________ times the volume of the arteries with _________ pressure. four, low
Veins pressure is low but volume is high
Arteries pressure is high but volume is low.
Pressure and volume on one side of heart are ______________ proportional to the other side Inversely
Normal Gestational age for a newborn>? 40 weeks
Earliest age a premie may survive? 23/24 weeks
Created by: moomcow54