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Cynical believing that peopel are motivated byself-interast
Overindulged have too much something enjoyoble espcialy food or drink
Acquindulged accept something reluctantly but without protest
Benevolent well meaning and kindly
Ardour enthusiasm or passion
Inguisitive used with out obiect
Sallowness a sickly yellow wish or lightish brown color
Exuberance the quality of being full of energy
Ambivalence the state of having mixed feeling or controdictory ideas about something or someone
Haughty arrogantly superior and disdanful
Obstinate stubbornly refusing to change one opinion
Irrevernt showing a lack of respect for peopel
Frugal sparing or economical with regarea to money or food
Armament military weapons and equipment
Equanimity mental calmness cimposure and eveness of temper
Created by: cannonpotts