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BUS 136 Exam 2Review

Spring Semster 2017

An employee cannot claim discrimination because of a spouse's national origin? False
An employer demanding sexual favors from an employee in exchange for promotion in hostile work environment? False
Sexual Harassment must be severe and pervasive enough to create an abusive work environment? True
What is allowed in the workplace regarding religion? Religious practices that require a religions' member to wear certain clothing or to groom themselves in certain ways are protected under the Act unless they present an undue hardship to the employer.
Understand Grooming Policies? Employers are often the face of an employer's organization projecting a public image to customers, clients, and colleagues. As a result, employers often require certain grooming standards for employees, especially those with significant customer or client
Know what is protected under National Origin? The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment such as: hiring, firing, job assignments, pay, promotion, layoffs, training's, and fringe benefits.
What is color discrimination and what does it apply to? May exist where favoritism occurs between people of mixed races as well as to people of the same race who have different color skin. It applies to skin color.
Sexual orientation is protected under Title VII as sex discrimination? Title VII does not prohibit employers from refusing to hire or fire someone because he/she is gay.
A person hired under the ADA must be qualified to do the job? A disabled person must be able to perform essential functions of jobs with reasonable accommodations.
Mental disabilities and physical disabilities are covered under the ADA? Include: Impairments that effect major life activities such as an impairment to learning, sight, speech, hearing and walking. Also cancer heart conditions, AIDS, disfigurement & people recovering from substance abuse.
An Employers may not refuse to hire an individual because he or she is a member of a particular religion? Title VII protects them from employment discrimination. Religious affiliation is one of the classes protected under Title VII from invidious discrimination.
What does "severe and pervasive" mean in sexual harassment? The alleged act must be severe enough to create an abusive work-environment & disrupt the victim's employment.
Know the difference between the two types of sexual harassment: Vicarious Liability and Hostile Work Environment? Renders employers responsible for their supervisor's tangible employment actions under taken in return for sex with a subordinate or for a subordinate's refusal to engage in sex. Is intimidating and offensive sexual conduct perpetrated by a superior or c
Gender Discrimination applies to both men and women? Both have been victimized and both are protected under Title VII.
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