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Biomes Land

test knowledge about the land biomes

noted for having 4 definite seasons ( 6 month growing season) Dominant vegetation is broadlead deciduous trees Temperate Deciduous Forest
Biome where rate of evaporation is greater than the rate of precipitation... Temperatures in this biome can vary greatly..putting them into various categories Desert
This Biome is found in California and on the west side of some other continents... it is famous for being around the Mediterranean Sea The Chaparral ( also called temperate Woodland/shrubland
Known as a cold desert or the land of the midnight sun... One of driest, coldest biomes. A limiting factor is cold and low light... summer has lots of light but winter has very low light levels... Tundra
Dominated by Coniferous trees ( bear cones)... such as spruce, fir, and pines. commonly called "evergreen".. they do lose some leaves just not all at once. there are various kinds of "evergreen " trees so be careful using the description "evergreen" Taiga
Give other names for the Taiga Boreal Forest and Northern Coniferous Forest
This is a tropical grassland found on either side of the equator on the edges of tropical rain forests Savanna
What keeps a grassland ( temperate or tropical ) from becoming a forest (3 things) grazing animals , drought, fires
Biome with the greatest species diversity tropical rain forest
Trees in the biome are deciduous and shed their leaves during a dry season that can last several months tropical seasonal or tropical dry forest
What is true about the temperatures of a tropical biome ( such as tropical rain forest, tropical seasonal forest, or tropical savanna) they are pretty steady year round ... around 25 degrees Celsius
these are found in the Eastern United States, Most of Europe, and East china. .. these locations have rain fairly evenly distributed through the year ... with cold winters and hot summers temperate deciduous forests
Most the animals in this biome are nocturnal and are adapted to little water in their environment ( they get water from food, or body conserves water.some animals may get water from stored fat reserves) desert
The shrubs in theis biome have thick waxy leaves such as aromatic rosemary and sage, and olive trees... they have winters that are cool and wet ( but mild)... summers are hot and dry ( fires and drought are common) the chaparral
Permafrost prevents the growth of tree roots. This is a treeless biome... you will find LICHEN, mosses, grasses, small shrubs and very small flowering plants Tundra
two biomes that have been used for farming extensively because they have fertile soil.... hint ; one has trees like oaks and maples and is undergoing secondary sucession in many areas temperate grassland and temperate deciduous forest ( this is the one undergoing secondary succession)
This biome has many reptiles ( lizards, tortoises, snakes) and the vegetation varies depending on the amount of rain... shrubs like mesquite ...vegetation can also be cacti and succulents Desert
this biome is an important summer breeding ground for waterfowl and shorebirds.. in the summer there are many mosquitoes and flies for the birds to feed on while they are there. The ground is soggy and marsh-like in summer.. surface is wet Tundra
Biome you might see lynx, weasels , wolverines, bears, and MOOSE Taiga
Where would you find : Large termite homes ( 6feet tall or more) provide habitats for other animals and a lookout site for animals like leopards Savanna
Place where you will see herds of grazing herbivores like BISON, (these herds were once very large).. other animals in this biome are coyotes, prairie dogs, hawks, ferrets, pronghorn, deer, pheasants, meadowlarks, quail, etc. temperate grassland
Tapirs, sloths, tree frogs, exotic birds ( macaw, toucan,) lots of butterflies, leaf cutter ants and other ants, lizards, snakes, bats, monkeys, cats, rodents... many more tropical rain forest
Tall skinny broadleaf "evergreen " trees, Emergent trees poke out of canopy and have buttress roots, many vines, many epiphites like bromeliads and orchids.... lots of fungi on floor of this biome tropical rain forest
3 things used to define or characterize a biome temperature, precipitation and the vegetation ( remember the animals move from biome to biome in some cases)
2 driest biomes tundra and desert
what happens to the leaves of the trees in the temperate deciduous forest in autumn and why? they are shed ( that is the meaning of deciduous).. they turn colors ( as chlorophyll production decreases) and then fall off as the winter is coming and the tree needs to go into a dormant state..
importance of grazing, drought, and periodic fires to the temperate grassland biome these are important for keeping this biome a grassland and not allowing it to become a forest
these are located in a band of land under the arctic circle and stretch across much of Canada, Northern Europe and Asia... around 60 degrees latitude taiga
What is the driest forest and the wettest forest the tiaga is the driest forest and the tropical rain forest is the wettest forest
what happens the farther you move north or south of the equator. This also happens as you ? * the colder and drier the climate becomes. This also happens as you climb a mountain (increase your elevation)
Where you might go on a safari and see elephants, zebras, wildebeests, lions, hyenas, leopards, and if you are lucky rhino's Savanna
What are two nicknames for a tundra land of the midnight sun and a cold desert
where you might find a roadrunner ( a real bird), scorpions, trantula, gila monster ( poison lizard) rattlesnakes, kangaroo rats, hawks, owls, coyotes, and more desert
a tropical biome with more trees than a savanna but less than a tropical rain forest the tropical seasonal forest or tropical dry forest
lemmings and lichens are common organisms in a tundra
biomes close together so that caribou can migrate back and forth tundra and taiga ( they spend the summer in the tundra and other times in the taiga)
only biome where you find permafrost tundra
what is a cute nickname for the taiga spruce-moose biome
which area has more moisture than a desert but less than a forest the grasslands
List the tropical biomes from driest ot wettest desert, savanna, tropical seasonal forest, tropical rain forest
what is a nickname for the temperate grassland the breadbasket of the world ( this land has very fertile land and has been used for farming)
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