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where does gas exchange in the lungs, method of transport used. Aveoli, diffusion
what does the epiglottis look like, what is it's function leaf or spoon shaped flap, it protects the larynx
what two systems use the pharynx respiratory, digestive
what gases are inspired and expired during respiration O2, CO2
what is vital capacity the total amount of exchangeable air ( 4800 in men, 3100 in females)
what are the respiratory disorders Chronic bronchitis, Emphysema
what equipment is used to hear respiratory sounds Stethoscope
what are the four stages of food processing chew, digestion, absorb, deficate (eliminate)
what nutrient doesn't undergo digestion until it reaches the small intestine fats
respiratory area referred to as the windpipe Trachea
what is the region that is located between the pharynx and the stomach Esophagus
what are the functions of the tongue mix, taste, shape, tosses back to pharynx
where are secretions of the liver stored before they enter the intestine gall blatter
where does most chemical digestion occur Stomach
where does digestion begin mouth
define peristalsis wave like motion that moves food
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