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Spelling Word Unit 7

Unit 7 6th grade

TermDefinitionsSynonymsAnyonymsword usage (complete sentence)
adverse (adj) unfavorable, negative; working against, hostile difficult, trying favorable, positive Some people suffer an _______ reaction if they eat peanut butter.
arid extremely dry waterless, parched, boring waterlogged, soggy, fertile We expected the lecture on energy to be exciting but it turned out to be an ______ rundown of facst and figures.
assailant (n) a person who attacks violently with blows or words assaulter, attacker, mugger prey, victim I was able to fight off my _________ even though I was attacked by suprise.
billow (n) a large wave (v) to rise or swell like a wave (n) breaker (v) bulge, ballon (n) trough (v) deflate, collapse The breeze caused the sheets on the line to _______ like the sails on a yacht that is running in the wind.
confront (v) meet face-to-face, expecially as a challange face, encounter avoid, evade In court, defendants can ________ their accusers in a controled setting.
constrain to restrain, hold back restrict, confine, limit loosen, relax You can't _______ me against my will.
contemporary belonging to the same period of time as oneself present-day, modern (n) peer ancient, antique Rather than ask parents for help, teens often turn to a __________ for advise.
depict to portray, to show in the form of a picture sketch, picture, illustrate The painter choose to ________ a plain prairie landscape using bold colors and shadows.
disinterested fair-minded; free from selfish motives neutral, impartial biased, prejudiced A judge must remain __________ in order to render a fair and logical decision.
encompass to encircle; to go or reach around surround, envelop leave out, exclude The science class will _________ biology, chemistry, and physics.
groundless Without good reason or cause baseless justified Kate's __________ fear of hurting herself during exercise left her weak and out of shape
hypocrite a person who pretends to be what he is not phony (blank) You should always try to be yourself because nobody likes to be around a __________.
incomprehensible impossible to understand baffling understandable The speaker spoke so fast and so low that he was ____________ to everyone.
manipulate to handle or use skillfully maneuver, influence (blank) Scientists should not ________ data.
maximum the greatest possible amount largest smallest Under the law, the __________ amount of people who may ride in this bus is seventy-five.
mimic Imitate; a person who does imitations copycat, impersonator (blank) It is often rude to ________ another person.
ruffle To wrinkle; material used for trimming (v) disturb (n) frill (v) smooth out The seamstress added a __________ to the bottom of the curtain.
serene Peaceful, calm tranquil agitated, stormy The ___________ expression on her face showed that she was totally undisturbed by the turmoil around her.
sheepish Embarrassed; timid meek confident I was so embarrased by my blunder that I cound do nothing but grin in a _________________ way.
stamina the strength needed to keep going endurance (blank) Marathon runners need a great deal of ________.
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