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Goof Proof 1-20

Correct Use of I, Me and Other Personal Pronouns -Tom and I laughed-She invited Jennifer and I
Correct Use of myself -My guest and I will be right back-She told Terry and me
Correct Use of the Prepostion Like -He looks like his brother-I don't feel like eating
Correct Use of the Apostrophe -She saw the man's face-You're looking nice
Correct Use of Its and It's -The dog wagged its tail-It's a very bushy tail
Correct Use of Whose and Who's -Whose bat is this?-Who's on first?
Correct Use of Verbs That Don't Agree in Number with Their Subjects -His list of honors and qualifications is impressive
Correct Use of Pronouns That Don't Agree in Number or Case with Their Antecedents -The committee announced they it would meet
Correct Use of Double Comparisons -Your car is roomier than mine
Correct Use of Double Negatives -The plays he called hardly ever seemed to work
Correct Use of Between...To -The plane flew between New York and Chicago
Correct Use of Anymore for Lately, Nowadays, or Today -This word is widely misused lately/nowadays/today
Correct Use of And After Try -Please try to remember this
Correct Use of Hopefully -"Will you help me?" she asked hopefully
Correct Use of Could Have -I could have danced all night
Correct Use of Different From -She's very different from her sister
Correct Use of More (or Most) Unique -This computer has a unique design
Correct Use of These (or Those) Kind -These (those) kinds of food are fattening
Correct Use of Data, Media, Strata, Criteria, and Phenomena with Singular Verbs -The data he showed were convincing
Correct Use of A and An -Tom gave me an apple
Created by: mackenziefauser