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Water Quality ELL

salt water ocean water that has salt in it
fresh water water with no salt; found in bayous, lakes and rivers
brackish water mixed salt and fresh water; found in Galveston Bay
pollutant Something that doesn't belong
source place where pollutant comes from
effect harm caused by the pollutant
nonpoint source source which is spread out; hard to identify
point source source which is in one place; easy to identify
quality how good or bad something is
quantity how much
turbidity amount of dirt/sediment in water
pH how acidic or basic a liquid is
acid liquid with pH less than 7
base liquid with pH more than 7
neutral pH 7
pet waste dog poop
fertlizer chemical that helps plants grow
nitrates and phosphates nutrients which help plants grow
algae very small water plant
eutrophication the loss of dissolved oxygen in water caused by nutrients
decomposers bacteria that eat dead organisms
dissolved oxygen oxygen in the water
sewage human poop
manure horse/cow poop
Dead Zone water that has no dissolved oxygen or fish
neutralize mixing acid and base to move closer to pH 7
Created by: carolynklein