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financial management

financial managment 5e brigham frequently used symbols

ACP Average collection period
ADR American depository receipt
A/R Accounts receivable
b Beta Coefficient, a measure if an asset's riskiness
b L Levered beta
b U unlevered beta
BEP Basic earning power
BVPS Book value per share
CAPM Capital Asset Pricing Model
CCC Cash conversion cycle
CF Cash flow; CF t is the cash flow in Period t
CFPS Cash flow per share
CV Coefficient of variation
D p Dividend of preferred stock
D t Dividend in Period t
DCF Discounted cash flow
DPS Dividends per share
DRIP Dividend reinvestment plan
DRP Default risk premium
DSO Days sales outstanding
EAR Effective annual rate, EFF%
EBIT Earnings before interest and taxes; net operating income
EBITDA Earnings before interest,taxes, depreciation, and amortization
EPS Earnings per share
EVA Economic value added
F (1) fixed operating cost
FCF Free cash flow
FV N Future value for Year N
FVA N Future value of an annuity for N years
g Growth rate in earnings, dividends, and stock prices
I Interest rate; also referred to as r
I/YR Interest rate key on some calculators
INT Interest payment in dollars
IP Inflation premium
IPO Initial public offering
IRR Internal rate of return
LP Liquidity premium
M Maturity value of a bond
M/B Market-to-book ratio
MIRR Modified internal rate of return
MRP Maturity risk premium
MVA Market value added
N Calculator key denoting number of periods
NOPAT Net operating profit after taxes
NOWC Net operating working capital
NPV Net present value
P (1) Price of a share of stock in Period t; P 0 = price of the stock today
Pf Price of good in foreign country
Ph Price of good in home country
P/E Price / earnings ratio
PMT Payment of an annuity
PPP Purchasing power parity
PV Present value
PVA N Present value of an annuity for N years
Q Quantity produced or sold
Q BE Breakeven quantity
r (1) A percentage discount rate, or cost of capital; also referred to as I
r bar historic, or realized, rate of return
r hat an expected rate of return
r* Real risk-free rate of return
r d Before-tax cost of debt
r e Cost of new common stock (outside equity)
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