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Darwin ETC

Section 15.1 Darwin and Natural Selection

What most people of Darwin's time ( 1830's) thought about age of earth and plants and animals on earth thought earth was young 6000 years old and plants and animals were unchanging ... creationism or fixity of species
Facts about Charles Darwin's famous 5 year voyage ( 1831-35) ... ship, job, famous islands that were visited HMS Beagle , Naturalist ( collect specimens ( biological and geological), Galapagos islands ( off coast of Ecuador)
What Darwin observed about animals of Galapagos The species of the Galapagos were new species . They most closely resembled South American species but the environments were different they should not have resembled each other unless populations from mainland changed after reaching Galapagos
What evidence of evolution did Darwin and this crew eat they ate the tortoises ... Darwin didn't pay attention to the governor when he said the tortoises of each island could be identified by their shells...
what bird species show divergent evolution or adaptive radiation after reaching the Galapagos islands ( two possible) the Darwin or Galapagos Finches and the Mockingbirds
How did pigeons help Darwin with his theory A breeder can promote certain traits in pigeons by selecting and breeding those birds that have the most exaggerated expressions of those traits... this is called artificial selection or selective breeding
What was the conclusion about evolution based on his experience with selective breeding or artificial selection If humans could change species by artificial selection then maybe the same process could work in nature
How did the Malthus essay influence Darwin... THIS WAS AN AHA MOMENT The essay suggested that the human population if unchecked, would outgrow its food supply... a COMPETITIVE STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE
How did Darwin apply Malthus's essay to the Natural World some competitors in the struggle for existence would be better equipped for survival than others. those less equipped would die.
What is the name of Darwin's idea or mechanism about the origin of a species Natural Selection
What are the first two of four basic principles to explain how traits of a population can change over time 1. individuals in a population have differences or variations 2. The variations are inherited ( passed down from parent to offspring)
What are the last two of four basic principles to explain how traits of a population can change over time 3. organisms have more offspring that can survive on available resources ( struggle for existence) 4. variations that increase reproductive success will have a greater chance of being passed on
Given enough _________ natural selection could modify a population enough to produce a new species time
Natural Selection is considered the _____ by which evolution takes place Mechanism..... ( the way)... Natural selection does not equal evolution
Darwin likely formulated the idea about Natural Selection around 1840... and didn't present it until approx. 1858.. what occurred until then he compiled much evidence
What is the book published by Darwin to explain Natural Selection On the Origin of Species by means of natural selection ( usually called ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES)
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