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Swedish Verbs L

Swedish Flash Cards

laborera experiment with, do laboratory work
ladda load (a weapon), charge (a battery)
ladda ner download
laga fix, mend, cook food
lagra store, deposit, allow to ripen/mature
laminera laminate
landa land, touch down
landstiga go ashore, disembark 4
langa pass on, relay, deal drugs, buy alcohol for a minor
lansera launch, introduce (a product)
lappa patch, mend
lappa till (någon) informal hit/slap someon
larma alert police/fire department, turn on the alarm
larva sig informal be silly, talk nonsense
lasta load cargo, blame
lata sig be lazy, idle
lattja informal play around, joke
le smile 4
leda lead, guide, conduct, manage, be ahead/winning 2a
ledsna (på) grow tired of something, get fed up
legalisera legalize
legitimera sig show proof of identification
leka play (like children), spawn (fish) 2b
lemlästa maim
leta search, look for
leva live, be alive, exist, subsist
leverera deliver, suppy, furnish
licensiera license
lida suffer, suffer from, be afflicted with 4
lifta hitchhike
ligga lie, repose, be situated/located 4
ligga med sleep with, have sex with 4
ligga i work hard, keep at it 4
ligga under be losing, be down by (sports) 4
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