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Quenya 2

part 2 of the quenya vocabulary

lempe five
elen star
harmen treasure
sil to shine
hir to find
cap to jump
tec to write
quet to say/speak
mel to love
cen to see
orta to rise/raise
harya to posses
enque six
ilya all
rimba many
Atan human
ohtar warrior
ra(v) lion
Ambar world
hrave flesh
macil sword
fir to die
tur to govern/control/wield
or over/above
otso seven
seldo boy
mol slave
an for/becasue
tul to come
lanta to fall
nurta to hide
lerya to release
metya to end
roita to pursue
laita to bless
imbe between
tolto eight
um to not be
mer to wish/desire
hlar to hear
verya to dare
lelya to go/proceed
pusta to stop
ruhta to scare
coa house
mir into
ter through
nerte nine
nura deep
anwa true/real
nulda secret
telda final
linta swift
hosta to gather
nore land
lambe language
car to do/make
farya to suffice
ver as, like
Created by: aragornmelisse



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