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Medical Terminlogy

Diploma in Medical Administration C&G

a- absence of
ab- away from
ad- towards
an- absence of
ante- before
anti against
auto- self
bi- two
bio- life
brady- slow
circum- around
co-/con- together/ joined
contra- against
cryo- cold
cyano- blue
de- away from/ removing
dia- through
diplo- double
dys- difficult/ abnormal/ painful
ecto- external/ outside/ without
en-/ endo- within/ in/ into
epi- upon/ above/ on
ery-/ erythro- red
hemi- half
hetro- unlike/ dissimilar
homo- same
hyper- above/ high/ in excess of normal
hypo- low/ below/ less than normal
inter- between
intra- within/ inside
iso- equal
kypho- crooked/ hump/ curvature
latero- side
leuco/ leuko- white
lordo- curvature forward
macro- large
mal- poor/ abnormal/ impaired
mega/ megalo- big/ enlarged
melano- black/ dark/ pigment
meta- after/ beyond
micro- small
mono- one/ single
multi- many
neo- new
oligo- scanty/ deficiency
ortho- straight
pachy- thick
pan- all
para- alongside
peri- around
polio- grey
poly- many
pre/pro- before
quadri- four
retro- backward
sclero- hard
scolio- sideways/twisted
semi- half
steno- narrow
sub- below
super/ supra- above
syn- with/ together/ union
tachy- rapid/fast
uni- one
abdomino- abdomen
adeno- gland
albumen/ albumin- albumin/ a protein
alveolo- air sac
andro- man
angio- vessel
aorto- aorta
appendico- appendix
arterio- artery
arthro- joint
atrio atrium
bile- bile
blepharo- eyelid
bronchiolo- bronchiole
broncho- bronchus
cardio- heart
carpo- wrist/ hand
cephalo- head
cerebello cerebellum/ lower lobe of brain
cervico- cervix/ neck
cholangio bile/ biliary vessels
chole- bile
cholecysto- gallbladder
chondro- cartilage
colo-/ colono colon
colpo vagina
corono- heart/ crown
costo- rib
cranio- skull containing brain
cysto- bladder
cyto- cell
dento- tooth
derm-/ dermato- skin
duodeno- duodenum
encephalo- brain
endocardio- lining of the heart
endometrio- endometrium, lining of the uterus
entero- intestine
epididymo- tubules above testes/ testicles
febro- fever
feto- fetus
gastro- stomach
gingiva- gums
glosso- tongue
glycol- sugar
gyno-/ gynaeco- woman
haemo/ haemato- blood
hep/ hepato- liver
hernio- hernia, rupture
histo- tissue
hydro- water
hystero- womb
iatro- doctor/ physican
ileo- ileum
ilio- ilium
immuno- immunity
jejuno- jejunum
laparo- abdomen/ abdominal wall
laryngo- larynx
leuco- white
lipo- fat
litho- stone
lymphadeno- lymph gland
lymphangio- lymph vessel
lympho- lymph / tissue fluid
mammo-/ masto- breast
mandibulo- lower jaw bone
maxilla- upper jaw bone
meningo- meninges/ membrane covering brain and spinal cord
menisco- meniscus (knee cartilage)
meno- menstruation
metro- womb
myelo- marrow/ spinal cord
myo-/ myos- muscle
myocardio- myocardium
myringo- ear drum
naso- nose
nato- birth
necro- death
nephro- kidney
neuro- nerve
oculo- eye
oesphago- oesophagus
onco- tumour
onycho- nail
oophoro- ovary
ophthalmo- eye
opto- sight/ eye
orchio/ orchid- testis/ male gonad/ male gland
osteo- bone
oto- ear
paedo- child
pancreato- pancreas/ a gland
patho- disease
pericardio- outer layer of heart
phago- swallow, eat
phaso- speech
pharmaco- drug
pharyngo- pharynx/ throat
phlebo- vein
pleuro- lung membrane
pneumo/ pneumono- air/ gas/ lung
pnoe- breathing
procto- anus/ rectum
prostato- prostate/ a male
phallo- penis
pulmono- lung
pyo- pus
pyro- fever
recto- rectum
reno- kidney
rhino- nose
salpingo- fallopian tube
sigmoido- sigmoid colon
spleno- spleen
steato- fat
stoma-/ stomato- mouth
tarso- foot/ eyelid
thermo- heat
thoraco- chest/ thorax
thrombo- blood clot
thyro- thyroid
tonsillo- tonsils/ lymph gland
tox-/ toxico- windpipe/ trachea
tympano- ear drum
uretero- ureter/ tube from kidney
urethra- urethra/ tube from kidney
uro- urine/ urinary organs
utero- womb
vaso- vessel
veno- vein
ventrico-/ ventriculo- ventricle
-a condition of
-aemia blood
-ac/ -al concerning/ pertaining
-algia pain
-blast immature cell
-cele swelling/ protrusion
-centesis to puncture/ tapping
-cide kill/ destroy
-cyte cell
-demic people/ population
-desis binding together
-dynia pain
-ectasis dilation
-ectomy surgical removal of
-form shape/ form
-gen/ -genesis/ -genic producing/ forming/ origin
-gram picture/ tracing
-graph machine that records / tracing
-graphy procedure of recording/ tracing
-gravida pregnancy
-ia/ -iasis/ iosis/ -ism condition of/ state of
-iac/ -iatric/ ic pertaining to (medicine/ physician)
-itis inflammation of
-lith stone
-lithiasis condition/ presence of stones
-lysis destruction/ splitting/ breaking down
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement
-meter measure
-natal birth
-oedema swelling caused by excess fluid
-oid likeness
-ology study of/ science of
-oma tumour
-opia condition of the eye
-orrhage burst forth/ bleeding
-orrhagia condition of heavy bleeding
-orrhaphy sew/ repair
-orrhoea flow/ discharge
-ostomy artificial opening into
-otomy cutting into/ dividng/ incison
-para given birth
-pathy disease
-penia lack of/ decreased
-pexy fixation of
-phagia swallowing
-phasia speech
-philla liking/ loving/ affinity for
-phobia irrational fear
-phylaxis protection/ prevention
-plasty form/ mould/ reconstruction
-plasia formation
-plegia paralysis
-pnoea breathing
-porosis thinning/ passage
-ptosis dropping/ falling
-rrhythmia rhythm
-sclerosis hardening
-scope lighted instrument used to examine
-spasm involuntary contraction
-stasis cessation of movement/ flow
-stenosis narrowing
-staxis dripping
-tome cutting instrument
-tripsy crushing
-trophy nourishment/ food
-uria condition of urine
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