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DH National Boards

Dental Hygiene National Board review

Amalgam is considered to be the only dental restorative material that improves its marginal sealing with age. True or False? True
What describes the rate at which new disease cases occur. It gives the number of disease cases or people becoming ill during a given period in a specified population. Incidence
What is the percentage of the population that has the disease or condition. It gives a figure for a factor at a single point in time. It can tell us only what is happening at a certain point. Prevalence
The degree to which a disease process extends is defined as the? Extent of that disease
What denotes the middle most number in a number series? Median
What measures the average number or score among the numbers included in the data set. Mean
What denotes the most prominent or the number that appeared the most in the number list. Mode
What tests correctly classify a group of patients as being free of disease based on their results. This test show the group of patients which are suffering from a particular disease. High specificity tests
This occurs when a disease is present and test indicates that no disease is present. False Negative
What does DMFT, DMFS stand for? D stands for decayed or carious tooth surfaces within the oral cavity M stands for missing tooth surfaces within the oral cavity F stands for filled surfaces within the oral cavity. S stands for surfaces T stands for teeth
An infection of an unusually large number of individuals in a population at a given time. Epidemic
A worldwide infection, often highly contagious. Pandemic
An infection persistently found at low levels in a specific population Endemic
Antiseptic useful against both Gram + and Gram - bacteria. It is bacteriocidal and bacteristatic. IMPORTANT: It's the most effective oral antimicrobial because it sticks to the teeth, working long-term. Chlorhexidine
Has long term action like chlorhexidine, but a bit shorter. Reduces gingivitis, and is antimicrobial during handwashing. Triclosan
Foaming agent in toothpastes. Antimicrobial without the residual long term effects of chlorhexidine and triclosan. May cause gingival sloughing. Sodium lauryl sulfate
Antimicrobial and antigingivitis agents. No long term action. Used in mouthwashes. Phenolic and quaternary ammonium compounds
What is the right of a patient to own choice of treatment performed in a manner based on personal preference. Autonomy
What kind of questions can be answered in unlimited ways and manner and usually requires elaborative and long answers. Open questions
What kind of question is designed to verify particular information by leading a person to a suggested answer. Leading question
What kind of question provides questions that may ask information from a specific detail to a more general information or vice versa. Funnel Question
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