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BIO 1090 Ch 1-5

Study Guide Unit One

According to the Health and Wellness essay, The Growing threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which of the following is TRUE? The more we use antibiotics, the more we encourage the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains
Which of the following is true regarding knowledge gained through scientific investigation? The information can be used to detect problems at an early stage and correct mistakes
The process of displaying and organizing data to represent connections is known as graphing
a student needs information from the National Institutes of Health, a government agency. Which of the following endings should he or or she look for in the Internet address? .gov
Approaching new info with an questioning attitude and looking for evidence to support the claim involves skepticism
How does scientific information in peer-reviewed journals differ from that in newspapers? Information is more technical, readers usually require some prior knowledge
Peer review is essential because Several experts in the field are able to scrutinize a finding before it can be pubished
Which one of the following best describes the proper sequence of steps involved in the scientific method B Observe, A State Hypothesis, E Form a Prediction, C Experiment, D Support or Disprove Hypothesis
Which of the following sequences is CORRECT in terms of level of organization from least to most complex? cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organism
Which of the following sequences represents taxa arranged in order from largest to smallest? DKPCOFGS
Which kingdom in the domain Eukarya contains multi cellular photosynthesis? Plantae
Which one of the following is a Kingdom? Animalia
The process by which living organisms maintain a fairly constant interval environment despite changes in the external environment is known as Homeostasis
Which one of the following is a true statement All living things are made up of at least one cell
Macromolecule questions
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