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APR Describes the cost of credit on an annual basis.
debit card Used for transaction that is deducted electronically.
buyer beware Serve as a warning to consumers to make careful purchasing.
unsecured Nothing of value the creditor can take if the loan is not repaid.
lending act Federal law that protects cardholders against unauthorized used of their credit cards.
ATM card Used to access a computer to get cash.
car loan Secured loan by the car.
credit Ability to obtain goods or services before payment.
credit card Is an unsecured loan.
Intrest Price of using someone else's money.
credit card Agreement between a lender and card holder.
collateral Property required by a lender and offered by a borrower.
incentives Perceived benefits that encourage certain behaviors.
unsecured Loan not backed by collateral.
checking account Account held at a bank or credit union which owner deposits funds.
overdrafts Account holder does not have enough money to cover transactions.
check Printed form directing a bank to withdraw money from an account to pay another account.
debit card Transaction card that replaces cash and check, "pay now".
opportunity cost Highest valued alternative given up when a choice is made.
secured loan Loan that is backed with collateral.
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