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Biology Test 1

What do plants do with CO2 in presence of light? Take in carbon dioxide, break it apart, and release oxygen.
What do producers do with CO2 when light is not present? They use their stored energy and do not release oxygen, they instead go through cell respiration.
What are the 2 reasons that producers go through photosynthesis? To get energy and to create sugar.
What are the reactant molecules in photosynthesis? Carbon Dioxide and Water
What the product molecules in photosynthesis? Glucose and Oxygen
What is the byproduct/waste in photosynthesis? Oxygen
Where do plants get the atoms they need to grow? Carbon dioxide, from the air
What is the stomata in a plant? Small openings on the bottom of a plant leaf that allow the plant to breathe in carbon dioxide.
What is xylem? What is phloem? Xylem- vein that transports water in the plant Phloem- vein that transports glucose throughout the plant
What is the the purpose of fruit for a plant? For the potential seed distributors.
Where did the carbons in the glucose molecule come from? Carbon Dioxide absorbed by stomata
Describe how energy is transformed during photosynthesis. The plant uses kinetic energy to pull apart the molecules and rearrange them into the form of chemical energy.
A students said during photosynthesis, plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. What would be wrong with this statement? They can’t change one thing into another. They just rearrange the molecules to form oxygen and glucose. They also need solar energy to do this, which isn’t involved in their statement.
hy are chloroplasts necessary in photosynthesis? (hint popeye's spinach) They use the stored energy (sugars) they put away during the day.
Describe cell respiration. Describe how matter is transformed in cell respiration. Cell respiration is when the cells break down sugars and nutrients and use it for energy. Glucose is broken down in the presence of oxygen to create carbon dioxide and water.
What organelle is responsible for cell respiration? Mitochondria
What organisms go through cell respiration? All living things.
When someone loses weight, what happens to the atoms they lose? They are used for energy.
Created by: Elly Smith