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H&R Block Voc 1-22

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM): Mortgage that has fluctuating principal and interest payments (similar to a variable interest rate loan).
Auto Insurance: A type of insurance used by vehicle owners to cover costs associated with car accidents.
Budget: A chart that documents how much money an individual earns and spends.
Cash Flow: The relationship between income and expenses in a budget.
Certificate of Deposit: A savings vehicle offered through banks with a set maturity date.
City Income Tax: Money collected by some city governments to be used for city public services, such as sidewalks and city water systems.
Credit: The ability to purchase goods or services with the promise to pay for it at a later time.
Credit Score: A number ranging from 300 to 850 representing a person’s credit history.
Creditworthiness: Demonstrating trust in repayment of borrowed money.
Credit Card: A plastic card that allows an individual to make a purchase on credit.
Debit Card: A plastic card that allows an individual to make a purchase using funds from his or her bank account(s).
Deductions: Money withheld from a paycheck for tax or savings purposes.
Expenses: Money spent on items and bills.
Federal Income Tax: Money collected by the federal government to be used for a variety of national public services, such as the military, national parks and monuments.
Fixed: Income and expenses that are the same each month.
Fixed Interest Rate: Interest payment that remains constant for the duration of the loan.
Fixed Mortgage Rate: A mortgage where the principal and interest payments remain constant throughout the entire duration of the loan.
Flexible: Income and expenses that vary each month.
Gross Income: Total pay before deductions.
Health Insurance: A type of insurance that minimizes financial risk related to medical expenses.
Homeowners Insurance: Protects a home by providing coverage in the event of damage or loss to the house itself or personal belongings inside due to theft, fire, accidents, etc.
Income: Money earned through employment.
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