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Wordly Wise Lesson 9

There are 15 words with their own meaning

accumulate V. To increase in number or amount; to pile up, collect, or gather.
aggravate V. 1. To make worse. 2. To anger or annoy. aggravation N. 1. Annoyance; exasperation. 2. A source of annoyance or exasperation.
conserve V. To save by using carefully. conservation N. The saving or protection of something through careful use.
contaminate V. To harm by contact with something undesirable. contamination N. The act of or result of contaminating.
diminish V. To make or become smaller or less; to reduce.
drastic adj. Severe; extreme.
extravagant adj. 1. Spending, costing, or using more than is required. extravagance N. 1. The quality of being wasteful or spending more than is necessary. 2. A thing that costs more than one can afford.
frugal adj. Careful in spending or using something.
impurity N. Something that is harmful or dirty.
peril N. Danger; something that is dangerous. imperil V. To place in danger. perilous adj. Dangerous.
perpetual adj. Lasting or seeming to last forever or for a long time; continuous.
resource n. 1. A supply that can be used when there is a need.+ 2. Skill in dealing with difficult situations. resourceful adj. Able to deal with difficult problems.
substitute v. To replace one thing or person for another. n. Something or someone that replaces another. adj. Acting in place of someone or something else.
sustain v. 1. To keep up; to support. 2. To suffer; to undergo.
vital adj. 1. Necessary for continued life or prosperity. 2. Full of lively spirit. 3. Of the greatest importance.
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