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Anest drugs& techniq

Diazepam known as Valium is used in outpatient Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Sedate the patient
Barbiturates are detoxified primarily in the Liver
Rapid administration of anesthetic doses of methohexital are known as brevital can result in Hiccups, tachycardia, respiratory depression
The reason that methohexital is considered to be ultrashort acting is because it is Not as highly bound to fat as thiopental
Oxygen is approximately what percent of room air 20%
Naloxone also called Narcan is used primarily as Narcotic antagonist
Recovery from ketamine also known as anesthetic is sometimes associated with Bad dreams
Local anesthetics containing epinephrine should be used cautiously in patients who have Cardiac dysrhythmias
Which of the following is the major advantage of using propofol over methohexital Lower incidence of nausea and shorter durations
Which of the following is an advantage of using a local anesthetic alone The patient can be left alone just after the injection, and a driver is not necessary
Created by: Ashdavis37